Kitchen Tile Dimensions

An effective kitchen is gauged by how clean it is, among other things. And kitchen cleanliness relies so much on tile quality. Kitchen TileThis quality depends on kitchen tile dimensions, specifically how effective the size is in maintaining cleanliness.

Providing More Smooth-Surfaced Areas

Effective kitchen tile dimensions provide more smooth-surfaced areas and fewer line-gaps that break surface smoothness. Line-gaps are the horizontal and vertical lines created by the spaces provided between tiles—at the lateral sides and on the top and bottom. Thus, the larger the smooth area that tiles provide the more effective they are in kitchen hygiene. Thus, measurements for kitchen tiles should be bigger.

Disadvantages of Smaller Squares

Though still in use today, tiles measuring 4 by 4 inches have several disadvantages. First, they take more time and labor efforts to install. It takes 3 rows and columns of squares with this size to fill up an area of 24 square inches. Imagine the time and effort of installing each tile. Compare this to placing a single square with kitchen tile dimensions of 12 by 12 inches.

Second, smaller squares create more line-gaps where filth, germs, and stain accumulate over time. With a 24 square inch area, 8 line gaps are created with 4 by 4 squares. With a single 12 by 12, there are only 4. Thus, the bigger the measurements for kitchen tiles, the better kitchen hygiene is provided.

Rectangular Tiles are better for Kitchens

While 12 by 12 is better than the 4 by 4 size, big squares need to be cut more often to fit smaller corners, especially kitchen counter sidings. Sidings are often sized 4 inches in width. Thus, if 12 by 12 tiles are used, more cutting and fitting work is required. And that translates to more labor cost due to the longer time it takes to complete. But kitchen tile dimensions with 4-inch rectangle widths are easier to install in this sense.

For counter sidings, 4 by 6 or 4 by 8 sizes are more practical with rectangular tiles, and better looking, too.

Smooth Pine Wood Rectangles

An ideal kitchen counter cover idea is laminated pine wood planks. They often measure 3 or 4 inches in width and have different lengths. These measurements for kitchen tiles have the same functionality as those of ceramic materials, but laminated pine wood lends a more superb look to kitchens. Besides, creating no line-gaps between planks, pine woods are excellent in keeping kitchens hygienic.

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