Boil Over Preventer Dimensions


Boil over preventer sizes differ because there are different products that can fit under this label. For example, the JBK Chef Design Ceramic Pot Minder measures 2.2 x 2.2 x 0.4 inches. However, other sizes are available. The cooking utensil is also known as a milk guard, pot minder, pot watcher or milk watcher. 

Description and Function 

The utensil is positioned under the pot to stop boiling over of liquids. The boil over preventer is often used to prevent milk burning, hence the name milk guard or milk watcher. Usually the utensil is shaped like a disk with an elevated rim. 

One of the sides is notched. Depending on the boil over preventer size, the reverse side may also be used. In this case it will seem that the disk has two notched sides. 

The inner part of the disk is not even. It slopes up onto the notched side. This makes a space just to the back of the notch. This is where the water vapor gathers. The water vapor is ensnared below the boil over preventer. This forces the notched side to go up and move the liquid at the pot’s base. This is what produces the sound. 

Types of Boil over Preventer 

Not only are the boil over preventer sizes varied, but there are many types too. The most common is still the ceramic disk. As stated earlier it is put under the pot prior to adding the ingredients and water. 

What the boil over preventer does is it soaks in the extra heat build up caused by a foam layer. If the preventer is used properly, boiling over will not occur. 

There is also a boil over preventer used to handle the excessive foam. A conical device is hooked up to the pot’s lid and will suck back the excessive foam to the water. 

This will prevent the water from heating. Another kind of pot watcher is a pot lid with holes for releasing steam. This will lessen the chances of a boil over occurring. 

Ways to Prevent Boil Over 

One can lower the heat and stir the mix using a spoon. Another way is to position a spoon across the pot’s top. You can also blow an electric fan into the pot. Spraying water on the surface will also help. 

Why Boil Over Happens 

A boil over can happen when an ingredient is put in the hot water and it produces a starch like coating. This coating is left in the water and creates a foamy layer. The foam prevents the ventilation of the liquid. This leads to heating. When the liquid is superheated, the boil over will take place. 

The boil over preventer prevents this by taking in the heat. It also maintains the temperature under the boiling point. Some boil over preventers can stop foam from appearing on the surface. 

Whatever the boil over preventer size you choose, it’s important that you have one in your kitchen. By having this tool with you, you can avoid problems of boiling over. 

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