Window Blinds Standard Sizes

The main purpose of window blinds is to block the sunlight from going into the room directly. Window BlindsOther purposes for blinds are to provide enough privacy in a room and give some insulation to the room temperature. There are different styles and sizes of blinds and they can also be used on doors, too.

Window blinds are made from various materials and most of them have slats that are adjustable vertically or horizontally. The sizes of slats can be standard, micro, or mini widths. Solid blind is a type of blind that is specifically designed to fold up or roll up.

Standard Size

Manufacturers of window blinds are commonly offering standard size of two-inch slat widths. Other slat sizes are one-inch mini widths and half-inch micro widths. Vertical blinds usually have wider slats that are spaced farther apart from each other thus provides lesser obstructed view of the window. Just make sure that the style, slat size, and color of your window blinds coordinate beautifully with the rest of your room furnishings and decor.

Slat Blinds

The most common variation of window blinds available in the market today is the slat blinds which come in either horizontal or vertical. The are easy to install, easy to use, and has a good combination of light control and privacy. Most homes are using horizontal blinds to coordinate with their curtains, draperies, and other window treatments. Horizontal blinds are commonly called as Venetian blinds and the materials are usually made of faux wood, wood, metal, or vinyl. They also come in a wide range of finished colors to choose from. Opting for some contrasting tapes can give some decorative touch to your horizontal window blinds.

Vertical blinds are commonly used in rooms with contemporary decors. This type of slat blinds is commonly made from vinyl, metal, or laminated fabric that is usually matched with the design of the office dividers and other decor elements. Vertical blinds are mainly used in commercial establishments like hotels, offices, and apartments. Since the slats of vertical blinds can be all drawn to one side, accesses to French doors, sliding doors, and large windows are very possible.

Before Buying

Before you buy window blinds in either standard or custom sizes, it is very important to carefully do the measurements first. There are traditional blind suppliers that will do the measurement of your windows for you, make the blinds that fit according to the measurements, and install them in your windows. You can also opt to go to discount blind suppliers where they usually offer measurements in both standard and custom sizes and you will just have to install the blinds yourself following the installation instructions that comes with the package.

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