Dimensions of a Juice Box

A juice box is pretty convenient – holding all your favorite drinks from apples and oranges to mixed concoctions that you simply can’t get enough of. There are tons available in most supermarkets. But how is it made? Have you been curious to know what are the dimensions of a juice box?

In school, there are some who may have been taught how to create and follow certain dimensions of a juice box for a school experiment. But not everyone may have gone through this simple experiment.

So what do you think are the dimensions of a juice box if you are to create one from scratch?

Measurement by the Volume

To make it easy, you can follow the measurements by the volume of the carton.

There are some who stick to the measurements of the volume dimensions of a typical cylinder can. Basically, this would have a measurement of around 6.5 centimeters for the diameter, and about 12.5 centimeters for the height.

There are also other sizes if you would choose to research on this.

You may learn that a standard juice box can typically hold around eight (8) ounces of fluid.

Other measurements may have about 8 centimeters for the height of the cylinder.

Internal Measurements

While mulling over the dimensions of a juice carton, be sure to also include the internal measurements.

Some manufacturers follow these figures: For its height, that would be around 18 inches. Its weight would be around 33 inches. And the diameter of the carton would follow the measurement of around 18 inches.

You may also pattern your work with these dimensions: 11 inches by 5 inches by 2 inches.

Overall Measurements

They say that if you’re hoping to make a juice box, it would be better for you to follow certain measurements for the overall dimensions that are considered standard requirements for such products.

If you would like to have a measurement in inches, a good measurement would have around 3 inches by 2 inches by 4 inches.

Another good measurement to follow would have these figures:7.06 inches, 17.9 centimeters, 2.10 inches, 5.3 centimeters, 2.78 inches or 7.1 centimeter, and 7.52 inches or 19.1 centimeters.

For a juice carton that’s best for tweens, around 9 to 12 years of age, an approximate measurement for the dimensions to follow would be around 4 inches by 5 inches by 1.5 inches.

All these different dimensions of a juice box can be followed if you are really bent on making your own version of a juice box. Go ahead and experiement. And see what measurements would be best for you to follow.

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