Standard Blind Sizes

The standard blind size is the two inch slat width. But there are other slat sizes available. Some of the other slat sizes are the half inch micro and one inch mini widths.


While the dimensions of the blinds differ, their purpose is similar. They are designed to block the sun from entering an area. These can also be used to add privacy to a room. Some can also provide insulation in a room. These are used primarily on windows, but can be installed on doors as well.

Composition and Slat Variations

Majority have slats, but different materials are used to make them. These slats can be modified vertically and horizontally. This is true whether the slats are standard, mini or micro. The solid blind is specially made to be rolled or folded up. The vertical blinds are fitted with slats wider than the usual. This type reduces the view from the window.

Slat Blinds

Besides the standard blind size, knowing the most commonly used will also come in handy. The most popular is the slat blinds. They are available as horizontal or vertical. They are popular owing to the ease with which they can be installed. They provide privacy and are easy to control as well.

Horizontal Blinds

Many homes utilize horizontal blinds. Also called venetian blinds, they are composed of different materials. The popular ones are constructed from wood or faux wood. Others are made of metal or vinyl. These are also available in different colors.

Vertical Blinds

These are also used in modern decors. These are commonly made from laminated fabric, metal or vinyl. Like the horizontal types, these are sold in different styles.

They are often utilized in apartments, offices, hotels and other commercial establishments. These slats can be set to one side. They can also control the lighting and provide privacy. These have veins projecting vertically from the head of the rail. This holds all the components of the device.

For large opening windows, they also provide good covering. One of the nice things about these is they can be customized to fit a window. These can also be customized both in terms of style and design. Some of the other choices include the draw, split and stack.

When choosing the standard blind size, remember that you can obtain different types and styles. You can order these on the Net or in various stores.

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