Coffin Dimensions

CoffinCoffins are effective frighteners. You can make yours to spruce up your Halloween or just get the freak out of your friends. For this, you would need to know coffin dimensions. You need to know the right sizes to make yours realistic.

Some people also need to know coffin dimensions for a more noble purpose. If you are making one for your dead, then you need to remember that using real wood is needed.

The coffin is a common sight in vampire movies. It almost always steals the show in Halloween parties as well. The standard size of a coffin is 84 inches long, 28 inches wide, and 23 inches high. That’s also the standard size of a casket.

Remember that a casket and a coffin are two entirely different things. The casket is what we see in modern burials. It is usually made of different wood types and is often characterized by a glass. A coffin, meanwhile, is a six-sided box that has no glass top. The coffin is wider on the shoulder and narrower on the feet. Coffins are mostly seen in horror movies, Halloween parties, and the like. It is still, however, used for burials in some parts of the world.

Coffin Tips:

– When making a coffin for prankster jokes, you can make yours by using a couple of pieces of plywood. All you need to do is to find the correct sizes, make a base plate, and cut your pieces of plywood accordingly.

– You may also use a coffin as a bookshelf. If Halloween is through and you are done frightening your friends with its sight, it can play a significant role in your own room. You just need to put in shelves to hold your book collection.

– You can use screws to hold your coffin together. It is a different tale altogether if you are using your coffin for another purpose other than a Halloween prop.

– To make your show even more realistic, you can dress up as a vampire before hiding inside your coffin. Make sure, however, that you cushion it for your comfort.

– You can out on debris on top of your coffin to give it an ancient appearance. A sprinkle of flour here and there can also make a fearful difference.

– Use varnish or paint to prep up your coffin. Varnish looks real good on wood. It would make your coffin look stylish with very little effort. Use of paint, meanwhile, can create a different effect.

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