How Big is a Tackle Box?

Tackle box sizes are rarely the same. Some boxes measure 12.2 x 2 x 4 inches, but others are bigger at 25 x 14 x 5 inches. The reason for the disparity is that different items are stored there.

Items in the Box

The box has many of the tools the angler uses. The fishing tackle that is used is kept there. Terminal tackles are found in all the boxes. These include leaders, swivels, fishing floats, bobbers, fishing weights, sinkers and hooks.


The box will have different kinds of lures. Various types are used to bait specific fish. The most popular are soft plastic baits, crankbaits, spinnerbaits, surface plugs and spoons.


The tackle box sizes determine how many tools can be placed there. Some of the tools you will find are measuring tapes, scales, hook removers, pliers and knives. Some anglers put extra accessories in the box. These include first aid kits, lighters, matches, headlamps and flashlights.

If the box is big enough, you will have room for other stuff. Repair kits, line spools and additional fishing reel are just some of the items you can put in the container. Many anglers also put their licenses in the box.

How to Organize the Box

There are several ways you can do this. You can arrange the soft plastic baits by size or color. The spoons, jigs and hard plastics can be organized the same way. The swivels, weights, terminal tackle and hooks can be arranged by dimensions.

You can make it easier by organizing the items outside the container. Set them on a table. When they are in the order you like, place them in the box. For instance, you can set the plastic worms in the trays. To avoid tangled hooks, set the baits in trays.

Make sure the terminal tackles are set in one location. Items like line spools, pliers, insect repellents and sprays should be at the

Tip: use as many colors and sizes as you can. Some fish can be particular, so try to vary the approach as much as possible.

The tackle box sizes should be considered before you buy. If you are a new angler, you probably won’t need to carry all of the equipment. But it is better to have a large box than one that is too small. But if you are just a casual angler, the average size will be just fine.

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