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The standard wallpaper sizes are 520 mm (1ft 9 inches) for width and 10.05 m (33ft) for the length. That being said, there are still several things you need to do before you put the wallpaper on.

Measure, then Buy

It’s much better this way. You only need to go to the store once. You also save on time, money and you don’t have to worry about the pattern not being right. Take all the time necessary to measure the wall, and then get the materials.

How to Measure the Wall

Use a measuring tape to determine the height of the room. If you’re going to use wallpaper with patterns, add the pattern repeat dimensions to the figure. This is necessary for matching.

Note the number down. To get the wallpaper size right, divide the roll length with this figure. This enables you to determine the total full height drops you can slice from the roll. Round the figure off to a whole number.

How to Measure Room Width

Measure the room’s width in its entirety. Some ignore the gaps for the windows (this usually isn’t done with expensive wallpapers). When you get the total, divide it using the width of the roll. This is necessary to determine the required wallpaper widths.

Next, divide the figure by the number of full drops you obtain for each roll. Using this method helps you find the right wallpaper size and the rolls needed.

Measuring Wallpaper for Ceilings

Begin by determining how many roll widths can be put in the ceiling. Now get the length of the paper needed for the room’s other axis. Multiply the figures you get by 2. Take the result and divide it by the roll’s length. The result is the number of rolls you’ll need. Using this technique you might have lengths fused in the center of the ceiling.

Tips and Warnings

Double check your measurements before you make your purchase. Even if you have the right figures, give room for errors. You might have the wallpaper size correct but you’ll need that extra for the trimming and going around doors and windows.

Use the following as a guide: a room 2-2.25 m high measuring 10 m around the walls needs 5 rolls. Rooms 2.5-2.75 m high with 11 m measurements around the walls need 7 rolls. A room of the same height but with measurements around the walls of 13 m needs 8 rolls.

A room 3-3.25 m high (measurement around walls 14 m) needs 10 rolls. If the measurement is 16 meters, it needs 11 rolls. If the room is 3.5-3.75 m high with measurements of 16 m, a dozen rolls are required.

While the dimensions are important, don’t lose sight of the design. There are several things you need to focus on so make sure you have the time.

After you get the right wallpaper size, you can proceed to install them. Make sure you align them according to the measurements you made. This ensures the layout will be correct.

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