Baby Bracelet Sizes

A baby bracelet makes for a wonderful gift whether it’s for a baby shower, a birthday or a welcome home present. It likewise makes for a great identification bracelet as you can have the baby’s name engraved on an ID bracelet or spell out the baby’s name and make it part of the links of the bracelet.

Now that you’ve decided that it’s a baby bracelet that you want to give, you should now look at several considerations that you need to take note of in order to get that perfect gift for that perfect baby.

Baby Bracelet Sizes

First of all, you have to know just what size of a bracelet will best fit the baby. Usually, jewelers provide a size chart for all their pieces so you may want to ask the help of the shop when it comes to their baby bracelet sizes.

There are recommended bracelet sizes for specific age groups – at least when it comes to baby bracelets – and you can use these sizes as your reference point for determining just what size you need.

For newborn babies, the recommended length is about four inches while for babies aged three to six months; the ideal length is approximately four and one-half inches.

If the baby is between seven to twelve months old, you can consider getting a bracelet of about four and three-fourths inches in length.

For a baby of one to two years of age, recommended length is five inches. Most baby bracelets come in sizes that are measured in increments of about a quarter of an inch, starting at four inches and going all the way up to seven inches.

The seven-inch bracelet is appropriate for a child aged fourteen years and up.

Measuring the Baby’s Wrist

While there are recommended bracelet sizes for kids based on their age, it is still a good idea to measure the child’s wrist yourself.

To take the baby’s bracelet measurement, get a measuring tape and wrap it around the baby’s wrist – not too tight but not too loose either.

Start at the wrist bone and then go around. The measurement will also depend on how loose-fitting you want the bracelet to be. You just have to make sure that the allowance is not too big from the actual wrist size so the bracelet will not fall off; or too tight that it will cut off blood circulation on the baby’s arm.

It is recommended that you add about half of three-fourths of an inch to the actual wrist measurement to get a bracelet that will fit the baby just right.

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