How Big is a Red Pepper Plant?

Red pepper plant sizes vary, but they range from 12 to 16 inches. Some plants grow even taller. Tall plants are able to produce 3 to 5 inch peppers. Chili peppers can be spelled as chilli, chili or chile.

What are Chili Peppers?

Chili can refer to numerous variants of the Capsicum plants. They all have a crimson or red hue. Majority of them are utilized for seasoning or spicing. The red bell pepper can be eaten because it is a vegetable. Majority of them are known for their spiciness. The intensity varies depending on the variant.

The Scoville Scale

The chili pepper’s heat is determined by the Scoville scale, invented by American chemist William Scoville. The test is done by weakening pepper extract until the heat dissipates. The hottest varieties are all colored red.

The Spiciest Pepper

The red pepper plant sizes do not necessarily determine the intensity. The hottest is dependent on the variety. The hottest known is naga jolokia of Bangladesh. Its Scoville rating is 1 million. It is 20 times spicier than the cayenne pepper which is used for seasoning. The Scotch bonnet and habeneros have Scoville ratings of 350,000.

Growth and Cultivation

These plants are best grown when the climate is warm. They are easy to grow, so they make nice additions to an herb garden. If you are going to plant one, make sure there is enough sunlight. The plants have to be moist uniformly. Watering should be done only a few times a week. Watering should also be done lightly.

These can be grown in pots and planters. But make sure that they are spaced 12 inches (30 cm) distant from one another. If plants exceed heights of 12 inches, supports should be installed to support their weight. Majority of these chili peppers are green, but they turn orange and then red when ripe.

Availability in Stores

These peppers are frequently sold dried. The heat hinges on the chilli type. Most of the stuff sold in the US are nacho, which are mildly spicy. Cayenne peppers are hotter. The chilli powder sold in stores is a combination of nacho chili and jalapeno. These are very popular because they add spiciness to almost any dish.

Knowing the different red pepper plant sizes isn’t something casual cooks need to know. But if you are going to plant them, awareness of the dimensions will be necessary for successful cultivation.

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