Small Double Mattress Size

A mattress is a bed essential that you place on top of your bed frame. This type of padded mat makes your bed more comfortable to sleep on, providing you with a soft and yet durable support while in slumber.

Mattresses come in various sizes to provide consumers with the appropriate bed size to achieve the right level of comfort and support while sleeping or resting in bed.

A double or full mattress is bigger than a twin but smaller than a queen. This comes in dimensions of 54 inches x 75 inches in US standard mattress sizes. A small double mattress size on the other hand, is smaller than the standard size.

Measurements of a small double mattress are approximately 120 centimeters by 190 centimeters or about 47 inches x 75 inches. This one is approximately 7 inches narrower but is of the same length as the regular full bed.

US, UK and Ireland Bed Measurements

A double bed mattress is called a full in the United States. In the United Kingdom and Ireland, the full is referred to as a double bed mattress. The small double bed mattress is a term used both in the UK and Ireland.

In the United States, there is a version of the small double and this more popularly known as a three quarter bed. The dimensions slightly vary, with the three quarter mattress measuring 122 centimeter by 190 centimeters or about 48 inches by 75 inches; two inches wider than a small double.

In the United Kingdom and Ireland on the other hand, a regular double bed mattress has measurements of 135 centimeters by 190 centimeters; approximately 53 x 75 in inches. This makes this size an inch narrower than the US standard full.

Shopping for a Small Double Mattress

If you prefer this size, you may find it a bit difficult to find. This size, both in the US and the UK; and also in Ireland, is not widely available anymore. However, if you do insist on getting this size; your best option is to have it custom-made for you.

You may also check out second-hand stores or auction sites to see if there are previous owners of this type of mattress who are selling them. On the other hand, if you want a bigger bed; you may want to consider getting a queen-sized mattress instead.

This mattress size is only a few inches wider and longer than the three quarter or small double bed so you may still be able to squeeze it into the space that you have allotted for your bed. This is approximately 60 x 80 inches.

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