Camp Nou Stadium Dimensions

One of the most popular football stadiums in Europe, the Camp Nou Camp Nou StadiumStadium can be found within the City of Barcelona in Spain. Since its construction in 1957, it has been serving as the home court of the highly successful football team called FC Barcelona. Because of its superior qualities and standards, it has been classified as a UEFA 5-star rated stadium. Furthermore, there are other interesting things to find out about this place including the Camp Nou Stadium dimensions.

The Dimensions of the Camp Nou Stadium

The field of the Camp Nou Stadium measures 105 meters by 68 meters or 115 yards by 74 yards. It is considered the biggest stadium in Europe, which has a capacity of 98,787. Worldwide, it is the eleventh largest. Before the club membership named it Camp Nou in 2000, it was previously known as FC Barcelona Stadium or Estadi del FC Barcelona.

Throughout the years, the capacity of this stadium has changed a number of times. When it opened in September 1957, its capacity was 106,146. In the 1982 FIFA World Cup, its capacity increased to 121,749. In the latter parts of the 1990s, the standing sections of the stadium were closed, which eventually decreased the capacity to just less than 116,000. Today, the widely recognized capacity of this venue is more or less 98,772.

Additional Facts and Other Interesting Details

The Camp Nou Stadium broke ground on March 28, 1954. It was opened on September 24, 1957. It is currently owned and operated by the FC Barcelona. The construction costs amounted to 173 million Euros. Francesc Mitjans-Miro worked as the architect for this specific project, who led a group comprised of fellow architects Josep Soteras Mauri and Garcia Barbon.

The stadium has a number of different features including a chapel, mini-pitches for training matches and a memorabilia shop. It also houses El Museu del Barca, which is reportedly the most visited museum in the area of Catalonia. Every year, this place receives approximately 1,200,000 visits. The inauguration of the museum took place in 1984, under the rule of then-FC Barcelona President Josep Lluis Nunez.

Besides football games, the Camp Nou Stadium has hosted various kinds of musical performances and other events. Some of the highly popular artists that were able to perform in this place include the ‘King of Pop’ Michael Jackson, the English rock band Pink Floyd and the Irish rock band U2. Other notable performers include Julio Iglesias, Frank Sinatra and Madonna. On November 17, 1982, Pope John Paul II presided a Eucharistic celebration in front of a congregation of more than 120,000.

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