How Long is an Exercise Band?

Exercise band lengths differ. The ideal length should be one that is within eight inches of your height. These bands are also known as resistance bands, so don’t get confused when you look for one. The bands are used in a variety of exercises.


These bands are available in different sizes, shapes and resistance levels. The simpler bands are composed of rubber loops that can be enveloped around a body part. This can also be wrapped around an immobile object to form a resistance. Other types are rubber lengths with handles on the end.

Not only are the exercise band lengths different, but so are the colors. The colors are often used to indicate the resistance level. Some bands have handles that can accommodate more than a single rubber length.

Most Common Bands

The most widely used resistance bands are the colored rubber loops. These may or may not have soft padding. The padding can be set around an object to create the resistance. Others can be wrapped around the legs or arms.

The looped bands can be used to loop the foot’s ball and draw it up to do bicep curls. They can also be utilized during core workouts. For instance, the bands can be placed around the knees when performing squats.

Straight Resistance Bands

These have handles and can also be used for looping. These are longer than the looped types. This allows you to perform many kinds of workouts. Plyometric workouts can also be performed with these bands. These have comfortable handles so they are easier to use.

Band Color and Resistance

Usually, the lighter the band color, the less resistant it is. The darker hues indicate more resistance. Note that the band resistance measurement is not as precise as weights. The reason is the resistance hinges on the amount of pulling done. If you want more resistance, there should be several bands.


The primary consideration is the exercise band lengths. They should be long enough. The second is the material used. Most are made from latex, but there are other options. It is a good idea to get bands with different resistance levels. Some like to use different levels for the lower and upper body. If you want maximum resistance, go for tubing.

If this is your first time to use these bands, purchase packs with instructional DVDs or booklets. They will provide you everything you need to know about the bands.

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