What is the Size of a Bulldog?

Also known by other names like the English bulldog or British bulldog, the Bulldogbulldog is a dog breed whose roots can be traced back to England. Although it has a similar appearance with the French bulldog and the American bulldog, it must not be confused with these two other dog varieties. Because of its interesting character and unique features, many groups and institutions have decided to make it as their mascot. These include universities and colleges such as the Western Illinois University, Mississippi State and Louisiana Tech University. Besides these things, there are many things to learn more about this breed of dog including the size of a bulldog.

The Size of a Bulldog

What is the size of a bulldog? The average height of bulldogs is between 30 to 36 centimeters. In terms of weight, mature females measure close to 45 pounds. On the other hand, mature males are more or less 50 pounds. The breed standard in the United Kingdom is 50 pounds for females and 55 pounds for males.

Additional Facts and Other Important Details

In terms of appearance, bulldogs have thick heads and shoulders. They have pointy teeth, drooping lips and thick skin folds on their brows. The most common colors are white, fawn and red, or a combination of any of these shades. They have naturally curled and short tails.

Just like all the dog breeds out there, bulldogs are susceptible to different kinds of diseases. One of the most common is inter-digital cyst, which develops somewhere right between the toes. Other health problems that may seriously affect these dogs are hip issues, allergies as well as cherry eye.

To help bulldogs develop healthier bodies, they need to exercise just like all the other breeds out there. By doing this, they can be spared from different kinds of illnesses and health problems such as joint issues, lung problems and heart diseases. Regular exercise is necessary to prevent them from being overweight.

Thanks to the unique appearance and interesting characteristics of bulldogs, they have become parts of popular culture. Television shows like “Mr. Magoo,” “MacGyver” and “Veronica’s Closet” have featured this particular type of dog breed. Likewise, famous celebrities have made them pets like Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps and actor Brad Pitt.

Modern bulldogs are lovable and very social. However, the name ‘bulldog’ was first used in 1568. This breed was a cross between the pug and the mastiff. By 1600s, this type of dog became part of bullbaiting, a gambling sport that was prevalent in the 17th century.

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