Australia Size Vs USA Size

Australia size vs USA size is not that hard to compare. Geographically, Australia is just a bit larger than the US. The US is bigger if Alaska is included. Although they are comparable in physical size, Australia has only 10% of the US population.

Australia Facts and Figures

Australia has a total land area of 7,617,930 sq km. Its water area is 68,920 sq km. Its total area is 7,686,850 sq km. Its coastline is 25,760 km. The arable land is about 6%, while the forests and woodland are 19%. The irrigated land is 21,070 sq km.

Climate and Terrain

It is arid to semiarid. The weather is tropical in the north and in the south it is temperate. Its highest point is Mount Kosciuszko at 2,229 m. Due to its size, Australia is sometimes referred to as a continent. If this definition is followed, it would be the smallest continent in the world.


Australia has a population of 19,359,594. Those 15-64 years make up 66.86% of the population. Those 0-14 years comprise 20.64% while 65 years and over make up 12.5%. The dominant religions are Anglican 25.1%, other Christian 25.3%, Roman Catholic 26% and non Christian at 11%. The life expectancy is 83.87 years for females and 78.02 years for males.

USA Facts and Figures

Its land area is 9,159,960 sq km. The water area is 460,131 sq km. Its total area is 9,629,091 sq km. Its coastline is 19,914 km. The climate is temperate overall. But in Florida and Hawaii it is tropical. In Alaska it is arctic. In the Great Basin of the southwest it is arid. The country is known for its varied terrain. The highest point is Mount McKinley at 6,184 m. Death Valley is the lowest point at -85 m.


The United States has an estimated population of 300 million. 21.11% are in the 0-14 year age bracket. 15-64 years make up 66.29% of the population. 65 years and over make up 12.62%. The life expectancy is 74.32 years for males and 80.02 years for females. The dominant religions are Protestant 56%, Jewish 2% and Roman Catholic 28%. English is widely spoken.

When comparing Australia size vs USA size, one more thing needs to be said. Australia is the sixth biggest country on the planet. It is ranked behind Russia Canada, China, America and Brazil. The US is much bigger in lists because Alaska is always included.

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