Crow Bar Dimensions

Informally referred to as a gooseneck, jimmy bar or jemmy, a crow bar is a very useful tool comprised of a metal bar with flattened points and a single curved end. It can also be used to remove nails, thanks to the small fissure that is usually found on one of its ends. Furthermore, it is even called a prise bar or a pry bar. Aside from these interesting facts, there are more to learn about this kind of tool including the different crow bar dimensions.

The Dimensions of a Crow Bar

A crow bar is a very important tool that comes in varying sizes. The average diameter is approximately 16 millimeters to 25 millimeters or 0.63 inch to 0.98 inch. Meanwhile, most crow bars have lengths somewhere between the range of 1,000 millimeters to 2,000 millimeters or 39.37 inches to 78.74 inches. A 1045-steel bar is one of the materials suitable to create this kind of durable tool.

Additional Facts and Other Interesting Details

A crow bar is often referred to as ‘jimmy’ or ‘jemmy’ when the tool is utilized for burglaries. As a reliable lever, it can be used to remove nails or separate two objects by force. This tool is commonly used to open wooden boxes, especially when the lids are nailed. A larger crow bar can serve different kinds of functions such as smashing things, prying boards apart as well as removing nails. It can even be used as an improvised weapon, particularly when being attacked.

The curved end of a crow bar can perform the different functions of first-class levers. On the other hand, its flat end is considered a second-class lever. In general, it just fits right into the three main classes of levers. The common material used to produce this tool is medium-carbon steel. However, it is better to use titanium because it is spark-resistant, non-magnetic and lighter. Cheaper crow bars are forged from cylindrical or hexagonal stock. On the other hand, the more expensive versions usually come with shafts that have I-shaped cross-sections.

The term ‘crow bar’ is used to call this tool because it closely resembles the beak or feet of the crow, which is a particular kind of bird. The term was first used back in the 1400s, when such kind of tool was referred to as an iron crow or simply a crow. Today, this tool has become part of a progressive videogame culture, where it has been used to symbolize the protagonist of the first-person shooter game entitled Half-Life. Valve Corporation developed the game, which makes use of the crow bar as the primary weapon.

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