Biggest Baby in the World

The biggest baby in the world was born January 1979 in Ohio, in the United States. The boy weighed 23 lbs 12 oz. Her mother was a 7ft 5 in tall Canadian named Anna Bates. The boy died after 11 hours. 
Other Heavy Babies
The heaviest baby to survive birth weighed 22 lbs 8 oz. The boy was born to Carmelina Fedele on September 1955 in Aversa, Italy. Another large baby was born in Indonesia which weighed 19 lbs. It is the heaviest baby born in that country.
Lightest Babies 
Many premature babies are extremely light. Many of them are also unlikely to live for very long. Based on records, the lightest newborn infant to survive weighed in at 10 oz. Her name is Amillia Taylor. 
Compared to the biggest baby in the world, her weight is about 1/30th less than the 23 lb baby. Taylor was born to Sonja and William on February 2007. She spent only 21 weeks in her mother’s womb. 
How Big are Baby Animals? 
Physically large people do not always produce large babies. The same thing is true with animals. For example, a 5 ft, 150 lb kangaroo usually gives birth to a baby weighing a single ounce. The elephant is the largest living land animal. As can be expected, the mother gives birth to some pretty big babies. 
A 7 ft, 4 ton mother elephant can give birth to a 200 lb baby. The newborn baby will probably be 3 1/2 feet tall. For the first six months, the baby elephant will need the mother’s milk. But even after just a few days, the elephant will have no problems following the herd. The gestation period for elephants is 21 months. 
The Largest Baby Animal in the World 
Newborn blue whales are the biggest babies on the planet. A 100 ft, 100 ton blue whale can give birth to a baby 24 ft long and weighing 4 tons. The baby will drink the mother’s milk and add 200 lbs to its weight daily. 
A baby sperm whale is about 16 feet long. A baby grey whale is also 16 ft long. By comparison, a 400 lb tiger usually gives birth to cubs weighing 2 1/2 lbs. 
Records for the biggest baby in the world are not difficult to obtain if the baby is born in a hospital. In some countries though, hospital records may not be well kept. This can make record tracking hard. 

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