Biggest Cities in America

The biggest cities in America can be measured two ways: by population and by area. Both will be provided here. 
Largest American Cities by Area
The biggest would be Yakutat City, Alaska. It has a total area of 9,459.3 sq m. At number two is Sitka, Alaska. The total area measures 4,811.5 sq m. With a total area of 3,255.0 sq m. Juneau, Alaska is at number three. The fourth biggest by area is another city from Alaska, Anchorage. The total area is 1,961.1 sq m. 
At number five is Jacksonville, Florida with an area of 874.3 sq m. At number six is Anaconda, Montana. The total area is 741.2 sq m. At number seven is Butte, Montana with an area of 716.8 sq m. At number eight is Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. It has a total area of 621.1 sq m. The number nine slot belongs to Houston, Texas. It measures 601.7 sq m. 
Biggest Cities in America by Population 
Note: these population estimates were conducted in 2009. 
The Top Ten Most Populated
Number one is New York, N.Y. with a population of 8,391,881. Number two is Los Angeles, Calif. The population has been put at 3,831,868. Number three is Chicago, Ill. It has a population of 2,851,268. 
The number four most populated is Houston, Texas. It has a population of 2,257,926. Phoenix, Ariz. is at number five. The population has been estimated at 1,601,587. 
At number six is Philadelphia, Pa. The 2009 estimate puts the population at 1,547,297. San Antonio, Tex. is at the number seven spot. It has a population of 1,373,668. 
San Diego, Calif. is at number eight with 1,306,301 residents. Dallas, Texas is at number nine with 1,299,543. At number ten is San Jose, Calif. The population estimate as of 2009 was 964,695. 
Most Populated Cities: Number 11 to 20
Number 11 is Detroit, Mich. with 910,920. At number 12 is San Francisco, Calif. with a population of 815,358. The number 13 slot belongs to Jacksonville, Fla. with a population of 813,518. The number 14 slot belongs to Indianapolis, Indiana. It has a population of 807,584. Austin, Tex. is at number 15. The population is 786,382. At number 16 is Columbus, Ohio with 769,360. 
At number 17 is Fort Worth, Tex. with 727,575. At number 18 is Charlotte, N.C. Its population has been estimated at 709,441. Number 19 in the list of the biggest cities in America is Memphis, Tenn. It has a population of 676,640. 20 is Boston, Mass. with 645,169.

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