Baby Shoe Sizes Guide

Babies’ feet grow too fast. That’s why choosing baby shoes according to size is one of the most challenging shopping assignment you could ever take on.

Good thing, there are baby shoe sizes guide that can help you with this task. Make sure, though, that you understand how the guide works. Otherwise, your efforts will go to waste.

Learn More About Baby Shoe Sizes

Baby shoes are available in various sizes – anything that can fit those as young as 0 months old to toddlers 4-5 years old. Therefore, you have a handful of choices with regards to the baby you are shopping shoes for.

You have to understand, however, that babies are different from one another. Some are quite too big for their age while others are smaller than what they are supposed to be in that age.

In this case, you must know your baby well. Examine whether he is on the average or bigger or smaller. The baby’s weight and body frame will also affect the size of his/her feet.

Also, you must consider the fact that different manufacturers use different sizing guides. It is advisable, therefore, that you get a sizing guide straight from the manufacturer.

Baby shoes sizes are called differently. They fit babies of different ages.

First, there are crib shoes. These are shoe sizes that fit babies from 0-6 months old. Newborns and preemies have very small feet. Shoes made for them are usually of lightweight material.

Next up, there are crawling shoes. These shoes are made for babies 6 months old to one year. They are characterized by sizes 0-3. They are also soft-soled but sturdy enough to accompany active babies who are trying to learn to crawl and pull and stand on their own. You must measure the feet of your baby from the heel to the toe to be able to get the proper size. You can make allowances so your baby will not outgrow the shoes too easily.

Walking shoes are sizes meant for babies 9 months old to toddlers 3 years old. They are characterized by sizes 2 to 8. They are made of breathable and durable materials, which will aid babies who are starting to walk, run, jump, and climb. As with crawling shoes, it is best that you check the measurement of your baby’s feet, the heel to toe length when buying walking shoes. If you have the opportunity to do so, fit the shoes so you know how it is. If you are buying online, you have no other way but to assess which size will fit into your baby’s measurement.

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