Socks Size Guide

If you get to travel from one country to the other, it may occur that you will have to purchase a new pair of socks. Now this is where the dilemma comes in since there is no such thing as an international standard regarding sizes of socks. There are various sizes of socks and they differ from one country to the other. A socks size guide will be helpful in comparing various sock sizes.

Scaling the Differences

It is common in the US, and it’s quite prevalent for that matter, to find a “one size fits all” method when dealing with sizes of socks. That is not exactly the same for both Asia and Europe. In both Europe and Asia, it is common to find sized socks.

Nevertheless, regardless of where you purchase them, the idea is basically find a pair of socks that will fit snugly on your feet. Obviously, socks that are too loose or too tight are really uncomfortable. The best and easiest way to scale the different sock sizes is to check a socks size guide.

International Socks Size Guide

You may want to consult a size chart as well as use a socks size guide in order to pick the right size socks for your feet. A good guide and chart will compare the different sizes of socks in various countries and regions of the world. You might get some interesting insights into the differences in sock sizes from one country to the other.

It is interesting to note that in Korea, the size of the socks you see will be in their actual length in millimeters. Another bit of trivia is that each whole shoe size in the United States has about a third of an inch difference with the next bigger size.

That is not exactly the same in Europe. Moving from one shoe size or sock size to another in Europe will show a quarter of an inch difference from one to the other. This is where a socks size guide will come handy since figuring the difference between US socks and European socks will just be too difficult.

Sizes for Women

Take note that a socks size guide will show that the women’s sizes for the UK and Australia will be the same. A woman’s size sock will usually be half a size bigger than that for men. So for example, consulting a socks size guide or chart will show that a man’s size 10 sock will the equivalent of a woman’s 10 1/2 size.

Size Comparison Samples

Let’s take for example a US size nine sock and look up its equivalent in other countries. A US size nine is equivalent to a UK size eight but will be a size 42 in some parts of Europe. That will be a size 25 in Japan and eventually will be a size 251 in Korea. Using a size chart and guide will be indispensable both for the frequent traveler, trader, or manufacturer.

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