High School Basketball Court Dimensions

The dimensions of a high school basketball court have some variations in size. Some schools may have smaller courts and the designs also differ. However, those used in tournaments have specific and standard sizes.

Court Size

The high school basketball court is 84 ft long and 50 ft wide. The ones used in junior high are a little smaller at 74 ft long with a width of 42 ft. In contrast, the college court is 94 ft long. It is also 50 ft wide, the same as in the high school court.

The Foul Line and Key

This is the spot where the player shoots free throws. At all levels, the distance from the line to the backboard is 15 ft. While the other dimensions of a high school basketball court differ, this one is constant for high school, college and the pro level.

The key in high school courts is 12 foot wide. The backboard projects 4 ft from the baseline up to the key. The arc around the
key measures 6 ft.

The 3 Point Area and the Rim

The three point line measures 19 ft 9 in. The straight line from the baseline measures 5 ft 3 in. In all levels, the measurement from the rim to the court surface is 10 ft. The backboard has a width of 6 ft. It is 42 inches high. All levels use the same hoop size (18 in diameter).

Other dimensions of a high school basketball court include the square in the backboard. It measures 24 in wide by 18 in tall. The point from the rim to the backboard is 6 in. What this means is that the rim is 24 in away from the backboard. 18 in make up the rim; the metal plate makes up the other 6 in.

Measurement Variations

While the free throw / foul line distance is 15 ft, the actual distance is 13 ft. This is because the rim projects from the backboard. The key does measure 12 inches, but only along the lane. But from out of bounds to the foul stripe, it would be 19 ft.

The design of the 3 point arc means the distance is not equal in the dimensions of a high school basketball court. The reason is that the line is straight from the sides and curves in the middle. The curve distance is the same all over. The high school straight line is 5.25 ft.

The NBA has a straight line of 14 ft before the arc begins. And while the high school 3 point line is 19 ft 9 in, the NBA line is 23.75 ft. The distance from the straight line is 22 ft.

The key marks are 12 in wide and 8 in deep. The remaining three lines is 2 in wide and 8 in deep. From the distance to the line block, that would be 7 ft.

If you’re going to make a court, keeping these measurements in mind will be important. By recognizing the dimensions of a high school basketball court and how it differs from the rest, getting the court size right will be easy.

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