How big is a 0 Gauge Earring

A 0 gauge piercing size is equal to 5/16" in fractions. In inches, it is 0.325. This is equal to 8.251 millimeters. The gauge can be written down as 0ga. 
What are Gauges? 
In ear piercing, the gauge refers to the size of the rod diameter that is stuck into the ears’ pieced openings. But the term gauge earring is also used to describe larger than average earrings that stretch the earlobe holes. This is done to enlarge them. Today there are many kinds of gauges available. These can stretch the earlobe or just make them appear longer. 
Taper Gauges 
Also known as expander gauges, these stretch the earlobe holes in a gradual manner. These gauges are shaped like cones. They taper from a small to a large gauge. It is kept in place by O rubber rings at the thinner part. The expander gauges are sold in crescent shapes, “S” and also spirals. 
The curved gauges necessitate the use of a couple of O rings. One is placed on both earlobe sides so there is no slippage. The 0 gauge piercing size is also available in this design. Taper gauges are often used by native Hawaiian men. 
These are gauges that do not taper. These plugs are sold in a single size. Many are available in a solid piece. But there are also plugs with middle hole. This is known as the flesh tunnel. This plug earring makes it easier to determine the gauge dimensions. 
The plug also makes it easy to assess if the gauge is genuine. These are available in double or single flare. In some designs, the plug is wider on the ends. This is used to keep the plug in place without using an O shaped earring. 
What are Fake Gauges? 
These gauges have the same rod diameter as the standard earrings. The fake gauge’s body is tapered from one end onto the other. There is a small space between where the rod links the two components. These two components pull at the gauge rod. This permits the rod to slip into the ear hole. It is then hooked up to the fake gauge’s back. 
Other Information 
Over time, the ears may stretch. This can happen when large jewelry is worn often. For this reason you need to have the size checked so you can get the right earring.
It is a good idea to get earrings that are bigger than your current size. If you are 0 gauge piercing size, try 00ga.

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