12 Volt Wire Sizes

12 volt wire sizes are extremely varied. Some of the most common lengths are 15, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 and 80 feet. Most of the time, these wires are used in cars. Gauge is the term used to denote wire dimensions. The smaller the gauge, the larger the wire.

Wiring for Cars Overview

If you are going to change the wiring on your car, it is important that you learn what kinds of wires are used. You must also be aware of the applications of a soldering gun and a cramping utility. 12v wiring for cars are sold in different sizes.

Notes on Wire Repair

Improper routing, brittle insulation and closeness to hot components are signs the wire should be replaced. If you are going to replace a wire, ensure that the new component has the same specs as the one you are taking out.

The 12v electric system in a car has several important components. The most vital are the ground wires / ground traps, secondary wires, primary wires and a battery cable. The battery cable is a big gauge wire. Its role is to relay high currents. Every wire but the ground straps come with colored insulation. The primary wiring is often clustered by a harness.

If you have a wiring diagram, their routes can be traced easily. Their colors also make identification easier. These wires will take you to a connector. Whatever 12 volt wire sizes you see there, it is likely special tools will be needed to open them. Connectors must never be taken apart forcefully; this may damage the vehicle.

Secondary Wires

Also called high tension cables, these are the wiring that brings an ignition system’s high voltage current. These wires possess high voltage because they are utilized by spark plugs and ignition coils. For these reasons, their insulation is very thick. Their current is small however. Ground straps are available in numerous sizes. But they are usually not insulated.

Other Information

During repairs of different 12 volt wire sizes, a crimping tool will be used to bundle wires. The tool can also be used to link terminals to a wiring’s end. Different kinds of terminals are available. Some of the most common are the snap, spade, tab and hook terminals. They are available in two types: female and male.

You should be careful when handling wires of any sort. Refer to your car manual for guidance so mistakes can be avoided.

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