Ski Boot Sizing

The following ski boot guide compares the Mondopoint system with the sizes used in the United States, the United Kingdom and Europe. The Mondopoint system is the standard used for ski boots.

Ski Boot Sizing Conversion Guide

Size 15 cm in the Mondopoint system is equal to shoe size 8 in the US, size 25 in Europe and 7 in the UK. Mondopoint size 16 cm is equal to 9 in the US, size 25 in Europe and 8 in the UK.

Mondopoint size 17 cm is equivalent to 10 in the US, 27 in Europe and 9 in the UK. Size 17.5 cm is equal to 11 in the US, 28 in Europe and 10 in the UK. The 18.5 cm Mondopoint size is equivalent to 12 in the US, size 29 in Europe and 11 in the UK.

Other Sizes

In ski boot sizing, Mondopoint 19.5 cm is equal to 13 in the US, 30.5 in Europe and 12 in the UK. Size 20 is shoe size 13.5 in the US, 31 in Europe and 13 in the UK. Size 20.5 is approximate to size 1 in the US, 32 in Europe and 13.5 in the UK.

Mondopoint 21 cm is equated with size 2 in the US, 33 in Europe and 1 in the UK. Size 21.5 is equal to 3 in the US, 34 in Europe and 2 in the UK.

Those who wear US size 4 should get 22 cm ski boots. It is equal to size 35 in Europe and 3 in the UK. In ski boot sizing, US size 4.5, Europe size 36 and UK size 3.5 are relative to 22.5 cm. US size 5, Europe size 36.5 and UK size 4 are equal to 23 cm ski boots. Those who wear US size 5.5, Europe 37 and UK 4.5 should get 23.5 cm ski boots.

For Shoe Sizes 6 and Beyond

US size 6, European size 38 and UK size 5 will need ski boot size 24 cm. US size 6.5, European size 38.5 and UK size 5.5 are equivalent to Mondopoint size 24.5. Mondopoint size 25 is relative to US size 7, Europe size 39 and UK size 6.

US shoe size 7.5, European size 40 and UK size 6.5 are equal to size 26 cm. In ski boot sizing conversion, the 27 cm size is relative to US size 9, Europe size 42 and UK size 8. US size 9, Europe size 42 and UK 8 are relative to 27 cm ski boots.

27.5 cm is relative to US size 9.5, Europe size 42.5 and UK size 8.5. Size 28 cm is equivalent to US size 10, Europe size 43 and UK size 9. Mondopoint 29 cm is equal to US size 11, Europe size 44.5 and UK size 10. US size 12, Europe size 45.5 and UK size 11 are equal to Mondopoint size 30 cm.

Finally, in ski boot sizing, size 31 cm is equal to US size 13, Europe 47 and UK 12. Some manufacturers may make larger ski boots.

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