Australian Rules Football Field Size

Australian rules football field size is at least 150 meters long. Its width is 135 meters. These are the minimum dimensions, although larger and smaller ones may be used. Aside from the field, a boundary line space of 5 meters is needed.

Playing Field Specifications

The field surface has to be grass. The shape is oval. Oftentimes, cricket fields are modified and used for the game. The center square measures 50 x 50 m. There is a curved line. It is 50 meters and is also 50 meters from the goal center.

In professional play, the 50 m lines are not permitted to cross the center square’s rear or front edge. That’s the reason why Australian rules football field size has 150 m goal to goal the standard. The behind posts and adjacent goals are set at a distance of 6.4 m. The dimensions of the goal square are 9 meters.

Notes on the Playing Surface

This remains a bone of contention among players and spectators. Because players move quickly and jump, injuries can occur. Players also get tackled. But unlike in American football, there is no protection. That is the reason why lawn and similar surfaces are preferred. If the surface is hard, players will be more susceptible to injuries.

Other Specifications

Goal posts in the game are higher than the posts. There are no standards concerning widths and height though. These posts have padding. This is necessary to protect players who make contact with them.

Rules and Play

The game is played between two teams each with 22 players. Eighteen per team are on the field. The goal is to score points. This is done by passing the ball into the opposing team’s goal. Points are usually scored by kicking the ball in the space between the posts.

The team with the most points at the end of the game wins. Players can go anywhere on the playing area. The ball can be moved using any part of the body. The ball can be moved by kicking, running or handballing.

Players with the ball have to bounce it or have it make contact with the surface every now and then. The ball cannot be thrown around. Players are forbidden from touching the ball. Under certain situations, free kicks are awarded.

The Australian rules football field size is strictly followed in professional play and Australian Football League matches. But field sizes will vary with casual play.

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