Sizes of Baby Cleaning Equipment

Babies, especially newborns, haven’t yet fully developed their immune system hence; it is important to keep their surroundings and everything that they use as clean as possible.

This is why, you will find that pediatricians are quick to advise first-time parents to keep the baby’s equipment, which would mainly consist of their baby bottles for the first months and years of their lives; clean and sterilized before allowing the baby to use them.

Sizes of Baby Cleaning Equipment

For cleaning your baby’s equipment, i.e. bottles; you will need a sterilizer. Sizes of baby cleaning equipment may vary depending on what type of sterilizer you are looking to get.

Electric Steam Bottle Sterilizer

This is a plug-in type of sterilizer that runs on electricity. Sizes of baby cleaning equipment for this type are generally around 13.8 inches high by 9.2 inches wide and 9.2 inches deep.

This can hold up to 5 large baby bottles. For this type, some models have separate trays for the nipples and bottles; allowing each one to become thoroughly sterilized.

You can also place your baby’s teether and other toys to sterilize these as well so you’ll know they have been thoroughly cleaned before allowing the baby to put these items inside their mouths.

Microwave Steam Bottle Sterilizer

This type uses the microwave oven to steam and sterilize the bottles and other baby equipment. This is generally shorter and narrower than the plug-in type.

Sizes of baby cleaning equipment for this type of sterilizer are approximately 10.6 inches in height by 10.6 inches in width by 6.3 inches in depth. This size is just right for your standard microwave oven.

You may find that there are other sizes of baby cleaning equipment for both types but the differences in dimensions are very minimal.

You can also use this to sterilize some of your baby’s other items.

Before Using Your Sterilizer

Whatever sizes of baby cleaning equipment you are going to get, there are a few things first that you need to do prior to using your sterilizer. First of all, check the instructions on how to use your sterilizer properly.

This will ensure that no accident will happen while you are using the sterilizer. Particularly check for the voltage of the power supply appropriate for your sterilizer for the plug-in type.

Secondly, wash all of your baby’s equipment first with warm water and mild soap to get rid of the dirt particularly soiled feeding bottles. There’s no point really in sterilizing dirty bottles, toys and such.

Finally, check that the bottles, toys and other items can be safely sterilized through your cleaning equipment. This is especially true for microwave steam sterilizers.

Not all toys and other baby items are microwave safe.

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