Bike Glove Sizes

There are many bike glove sizes to suit the requirements of different riders. Gloves with similar size ratings may actually vary a bit. But these discrepancies are small. The following are the most common figures available.

Gloves Dimensions Guide

6” to 6.5” hands will fit in an XS glove, while 6.5 to 7.5 are better suited for S sizes. If your hand is 7.5 to 8.5”, a medium size glove is preferable. Large gloves are for 8.5 to 9.5” hands. XL gloves are for hands between 9.5 to 10.5”. 10.5 to 11” hands have to wear XXL gloves. XXXL gloves are better suited for 11 to 12” hands.

How to Measure Your Hand

If you are not sure what bike glove sizes to wear, tape measure your hand. If you have worn gloves before, just buy the same size. Yes there are some differences, but usually it isn’t much. If you get different measurements, use the biggest one as reference when buying. When measuring your hands, flatten your palm as much as possible. Stick your thumb straight out.

Write down the figures and carry it with you shopping. There are size charts online that you can use too. Compare the figures with your own numbers.


There are many kinds of gloves for bike enthusiasts. It isn’t enough to know the exact size. You must also be aware of the variants. For general all purpose riding, short finger gloves will suffice. If the fit is right, they should keep your hands from getting hot. Padding is also provided for.

If you need extra cushion, buy gel gloves instead; the drawback is their heaviness. If you sweat a lot while riding, terry-cloth thumb will be needed.

Off road bikes require full finger gloves. Without these your hands and fingers will be susceptible to tree branches and bushes. At the same time these gloves will keep you warm. If you are going to bike during the winter, cold-weather riding gloves are needed. All weather gloves are also available now. You can also get recommendations from bike shops.

You also have to consider the fitting. When it comes to bike glove sizes, they have to fit tight. However, it must not be so your fingers touch the ends in case they are full fingered. If possible, test the gloves first. Wear the gloves and grip the handlebars. A new pair may be tight, but they will become more flexible in time.

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