20 Gallon Aquarium Dimensions

20 gallon aquarium dimensions depend on whether the unit is a 20 gallon long or 20 gallon tall. The 20 gallon long is 30 inches x 13 inches x 13 inches (W x D x H). The 20 gallon tall is 24 inches x 13 inches x 17 inches (W x D x H).

Setting up a 20 Gallon Tank

Start by cleaning the tank with water. Do not use soap because it can leave elements toxic to fish. Make sure that you pick an area far from windows or vents. The spot should be close to an outlet so plugging in the tank equipment will be easy. A stand is needed for an aquarium, although some units have one included. A 20 gallon aquarium will need a table or other platform that can support 200 lbs.

Adding Gravel and Plants

After rinsing the gravel, put them in the tank. 20 to 30 lbs of gravel will be needed for 20 gallon tanks. The gravel should be distributed uniformly. Add the plants. With 20 gallon aquarium dimensions, you can put a lot of plants, decors and hiding places. But make sure that you don’t overcrowd it.


Put room temperature water in the aquarium. Add enough water until it is almost full. Put a small dish in the middle of the tank. Put water in the dish. This will keep the gravel uniform as the water is added. Take the dish out after you have filled the tank.

Adding a Heater

Select a heater made for 20 gallon tanks. Immersion heaters function particularly well. You can add a thermometer to keep watch on the tank temperature. After you have chosen a filter, install it. It is important that you choose a heater made for this type of aquarium. Aside from immersion tanks, you can also use external power filters. These are installed at the rear of the tank.

The majority of filters come with an air pump to aerate water. If the filter does not possess this component, add an air pump that can be linked to an air stone. Add an aquarium hood with a tank light. Most aquariums sold today have hoods; you just need to purchase a bulb.

20 gallon aquarium dimensions should be filled up to the hood top. The final steps are plugging in the filter, heater and light. Wait several days before adding any fish. By this time, the nitrogen cycle in the tank will have developed.

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