Truck Bed Dimensions of a Chevy Avalanche

The truck bed dimensions of a Chevy Avalanche are 50.0 in x 63.3 min (W x L). Both measurements are at the floor.

2001–2006 GMT800 Specifications

The height for the 2004–06 models is 73.6 in (1,869 mm). For the 2002–03 models it is 73.3 in (1,862 mm). The lengths are 73.3 in (1,862 mm) for the 2002–03 trucks and 221.6 in (5,629 mm) for the 2004–06 types. All versions of them are 79.8 in (2,027 mm) wide.
The GMT800 was introduced in 2001. The earliest models have light gray plastic body cladding so they would not be mistaken for the Suburban/Yukon XL.

The 2003 versions came out with dark cladding. However, the later versions made the cladding optional. It would become one of the best selling trucks for the year 2002.

2007–2013 GMT900 Specifications

The truck is 76.6 in (1,946 mm) high and 79.1 in (2,009 mm) wide. They are 221.3 in (5,621 mm) long. The transmissions are 6-speed automatic (2009–present) / 4-speed automatic (2007–08). The GMT900 was introduced in the February 2006 Chicago Auto Show. The production design commenced a month later. The truck bed dimensions of a Chevy Avalanche wre not changed during production.


The truck is the sister vehicle of the Suburban/Yukon XL and Tahoe/Yukon. This is apparent from the front end styling. However, the GMT900 maintains the integrated bed and midgate just like its predecessors.

In terms of standard features it is the same as the Tahoe and Suburban. The GMT900 line includes the Z71 package. It consists of tires, wheels, badges and wheel flares. The set also has aluminum under body skid plates, an exclusive automatic locking rear differential and suspension tuned for rough terrain.


Other variants eventually appeared. These include an upgrade of the Vortec 5.3-liter V8. This version now has the ability to operate on E85 ethanol. When using standard gas, the truck can generate 335 pound-feet (454 N•m) of torque and 320 horsepower (240 kW). With the upgrade, the numbers are 348 pound-feet (472 N•m) of torque and 326 horsepower (243 kW).

The 6 liter was dropped in the 2010 line. The only engine for the truck was the 5.3 V8. The liter variant was able to generate 376 pound-feet (510 N•m) of torque and 366 horsepower (273 kW).

The truck bed dimensions of a Chevy Avalanche as described here will likely stay that way. As of April 2012, GM announced that the Avalanche line would end after the 2013 model.

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