Necklace Length

The worth of a necklace isn’t just measured byNecklace Length its price or even by how it sparkles, but naturally also by how good it looks on the person wearing it. Finding the proper necklace length is important, not just to ensure that it fits, but also to see how it affects the overall aesthetic appearance of its wearer.

If one has a thin neck and happens to be wearing a dress or top that exposes it, one might want to consider putting on a collar style necklace. This style of necklace has a length of 12-13 inches and is best worn in elegant and formal occasions, although it may also go well with informal wear.

Those who are not comfortable with wearing a necklace so close to their necks as the collar type necklace would be might prefer wearing a choker instead. Running 14-16 inches in length and can be worn in either single or multiple strands, it attracts attention to the area of the body just below the neck where it hangs (so this may not be the recommended necklace length for those who do not want to draw such attention).

The most popular necklace length is the so-called princess length, which runs from 17-19 inches. This style looks good either hanging below a higher collar or when worn over a lower collar that clears the way for it.

For necklines that are either high or extremely low, the matinee style necklace length is recommended. At a length of 20-24 inches, it goes well with both business and casual attire. However, one should be advised against wearing it with a blouse or shirt that has decorations on it as they would clash with each other.

At a length of 28-34 inches, an opera-length necklace always brings out an air of elegant sophistication to any evening gown or formal wear. As it draws an onlooker’s attention down to the wearer’s chest, this necklace length is much more suited for those in possession of an amply-attractive bosom.

For those who want to show-off everything that they’ve got, the rope necklace draws eyes to its wearer’s torso in order to emphasize their voluptuous curves. It runs at more than 45 inches in length, but can be shortened by double or triple-stranding them.

A necklace does not merely beautify the body part it is worn on (which is, of course, the neck), it also serves to accentuate the rest of its wearer’s body. When choosing the right necklace length, one should make sure that the size that they have chosen is suitable for their own body proportions and should look appropriate with the style of fashion that they would be adopting.

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