Armoire Desk Dimensions

The armoire desk is basically a table housed within a cabinet usually 1.5-2.0 m (5-7 feet) high. There are usually two doors, although some employ four.

Armoire Desk Dimensions: the Craftsman Deluxe Armoire

The Craftsman Deluxe Armoire Computer Desk is 62 inches high, 60 inches wide and 21 inches deep. The desk is intended for use in a home office. The desk comes with a flip down tray which can keep the computer and other peripherals hidden when you’re not using them. It can also be used to give more working room if needed.

The Craftsman Deluxe Armoire has four drawers. All of the drawers can be adjusted so legal and letter size papers can fit in. The design includes a flared trim and cross paneled doors. The desk is hand finished.

Armoire Desk Dimensions: Savannah Office Center

The Savannah Office Center is 49 inches high, 58 inches wide and 21 inches deep. The desk is fitted with louvered doors. This conceals the clutter on the desk. The Savannah Office Center is made of solid wood with maple veneer. This is intended to make the desk more durable and stylish.

The computer desk also comes with several file drawers that can accommodate both legal and letter size papers. The desk comes in black, walnut or white. All are constructed of poplar wood. As the name suggests, it is designed for the small home office.

Armoire Desk Dimensions: Harwich Office Center

The Harwich Office Center is 62 inches high, 60 inches wide and 21 inches deep. The desk is equipped with a flip down tray for storing various equipment and supplies. It also comes with drawer and cabinet space for storing the computer and other paraphernalia.

The Harwich Office Center is made of solid wood and other composite materials. The desk is primarily for home office use but it can also be employed in a commercial office. The shelves can be adjusted to create different layouts. There are also file folders designed for legal and 8 ½ x 11 paper sizes. The desk comes in black or white.

Armoire Desk Dimensions: Amanda Computer Armoire

The Amanda Computer Armoire is 58 inches high, 58 wide and 25 inches deep. The computer desk is constructed of Beech wood and the panels are frosted glass. It has a pewter finish and comes in dark brown, cherry or beech.

Other Information

Armoire desks typically have holes to accommodate the cables and wires of the peripherals. There are also trays designed to hold the keyboard. These are usually adjustable to make them ergonomically sound. There are armoire desks that have a fixed working area.

Other models have a moveable work area. These types are usually hinged. A lot of desks have the writing surface situated 30 inches (76 cm) above the floor. This is an inch higher than the older desk from which it is derived.

When checking out armoire desk dimensions, think of the stuff you have to put in there. More than the flashy veneer, it’s the usability of the desk that truly matters.

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