Most Expensive City

The cost of living these days has risen to staggering heights mainly due to the economic downturn that countries all over the world have experienced and still are experiencing today.

However, for those who are nowhere near the vicinity of cities around the world with the highest costs of living, you should all count yourselves lucky.

Most Expensive Cities in the World

Tokyo, Japan

2009’s No. 2 most expensive city in the world takes the highest spot for 2010. According to ECA International, strengthening of the Japanese yen is a strong factor in the city’s increased cost of living.

Expatriates who may find themselves working and living here some time in the near future should be prepared to pay five thousand US dollars for a 2-bedroom apartment.

A typical lunch at an average eatery or diner here would cost approximately eighteen dollars for one person. To watch a movie, you would have to shell out twenty-two US dollars and if you want to enjoy a drink of beer, each can would cost more than three US dollars.

Oslo, Norway

Ranking No. 8 in 2009, 2010 has put Oslo on the second-highest spot for the most expensive cities across the globe. Again, strengthening of the Norwegian kroner against international currencies played a huge part in the increased cost of living.

For an average lunch at an average restaurant in the city, you would have to spend about forty-three US dollars. You want your beer? Be prepared to pay almost five dollars per can.

As for movie nights out, tickets cost around sixteen US dollars.

Luanda, Angola

Ranking No. 1 in 2009, Luanda slipped to No. 3 in 2010. The capital city of Angola slipped down two notches with the depreciation of the kwanza. For expatriates living and working here, they are estimated to pay at least three thousand and five hundred US dollars for a 2-bedroom apartment.

Cost for a typical lunch in a restaurant is around forty-seven US dollars. Beer on the other hand is cheaper here, costing only about a dollar and sixty-two per can. If you wish to go out for a movie, tickets are at thirteen dollars each.

Nagoya, Japan

In 2009, Nagoya ranked No. 3 and in 2010, it slipped down by a notch. It does have the most expensive rice per kilogram however, costing almost ten dollars per kilo.

Lunch in a restaurant here would cost around nineteen dollars and for your beer, you will have to pay about three dollars per can at the local grocer’s. As for going to the movies, you will have to shell out twenty dollars to enjoy one movie night out.

Yokohama, Japan

Japan it would seem, is the most expensive country in the world; with another one of its cities included in the list of the most expensive cities in the world. Ranking No. 4 in 2009, it did slip down a notch in 2010.

Typical lunch in the city would cost a little over seventeen dollars while a can of beer at the local grocer’s would be around three dollars and a quarter. Movie tickets are at nineteen dollars and fifty cents apiece.

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