How Big Do Puggles Get?

The size of puggles can range from 13 to 15 inches high. They can also weigh as much as 30 lbs. The creature is the product of Pugglesa beagle and a pug, hence the name. In scientific terms, puggles are crossbreeds or hybrids.

Physical Appearance

The 15 inch measurements are taken from the shoulders. This makes them just about right for the lap dog category size. Most of them have a grayish brown color. However others are dark brown or even black. The second generation types are more varied. In terms of physical traits, they look like mini versions of the English Mastiff.

Because they are hybrid products, the appearance and size of puggles may vary a bit. Their snouts may be a bit longer than most beagles. Their tails will also curl up like a pug. The tail length will also vary depending on various factors.

Health Status and Possible Illnesses

The puggle is susceptible to diseases afflicting the beagle and the pug. These can include epilepsy, back illnesses and assorted skin infections. It has also been shown that genetic illnesses can be transferred to the offspring.

There have also been cases of puggles getting hip dyslapsia. It’s worth noting that the creature can be very sensitive to temperature variations.

Whatever the size of puggles they all have the same short faces. This physical trait can actually lead to some respiratory problems. The longer the snout, the less chance of breathing problems occurring. This can be particularly troublesome if the puggle is energetic. This can occur because beagles are known for being very active.

Caring for the Puggle

That being said, a lot of these potential problems can be eliminated by giving the dog proper vaccination. If the creature is taken to the vet regularly, the puggle will be easy to take care of. Like other dogs, they need to be bathed and occasionally have their ears cleaned.

Regardless of the size of puggles, their eyes will release some liquids and substances. These need to be cleaned up regularly. You should use a washcloth (preferably warm) to clear them up. These discharges are normal and not indicative of disease.

Puggles also discard their hair especially during the spring season. You can also brush the hair or use a brush to take off the excess fur yourself with a brush. The hair grows much more quickly in the winter. For some reason, the nails grow longer when the creature doesn’t get enough exercise.


The puggle is quite energetic and requires plenty of exercise. They like to dig and will follow a scent persistently. Owners should also realize that these creatures can be quite independent.

You might want to keep these animals away from very small children. However they can also make for excellent playing companions for grown up children. They also love to muzzle their owner and eager to please.
In other words, the size of puggles masks their energy and feistiness. But properly taken care of, they can become delightful pets.

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