Spider Size Guide

This guide can be used to determine if the spider variant is dangerous or low risk. If you plan on examining spiders up close, you must exercise extreme caution.

Spider Size Guide: Black Widow

No spider guide will be complete without mentioning the Black Widow. The adult body measures half an inch long. Females have a glossy black color and a red hourglass shape at the underside of its belly.

However, some Black Widows have yellowish orange hourglass figures. In some cases, the shape is more like a dot. Its bite can be fatal, and a small amount of the venom can trigger illness.

The poison goes directly to the nervous system, causing headaches, vomiting, hypertension and nausea. These spiders are found in rubble piles, garages and yellow stumps. They can also reside in cluttered areas that are not being disturbed.

Spider Size Guide: Hobo Spiders

The adult Hobo spiders have a 1/3 to 2/3 inch body length and the legs span 2/3 to 2 inches. They have a brown color and are noted for the chevron marks on their abdomens. The male Hobo spiders are distinguished from the females because of two huge palpi.

The palpi form part of its mouth and resemble boxing gloves. The females on the other hand, have rounded abdomens. These creatures can be found in a lot of states. They are however, rarely seen at ground level.

Their bite is painless but left untreated could be dangerous. Blisters will appear 24 hours after the bite. This can lead to nausea, headaches and short term memory difficulties.

Fatigue and vision impairment may also occur. If you have a heart condition and are bitten by this spider, go to a hospital immediately.

Spider Size Guide: Funnel Web

These spiders measure 3/4 inches long and possess long spinnerets. The colors range from gray to brown. There are also dark and light stripes around their heads. These creatures are often found outdoors, although a few may be seen indoors.

These creatures make a web with a funnel used for retreating. These are usually made around steps and shrubs. Their webs are also found on high grass, which is why they are also known as grass spiders.

Most of these spiders are found in the northwest United States. These spiders are not aggressive. Unlike Black Widows or the Brown Recluses, these are very low risk.

Spider Size Guide: Brown Recluse

The adult spider measures 1/4 to 3/4 inches. They have six eyes, a pair in front and pairs on the sides. This creature can be identified by the violin shape on the top of its leg. The neck of the violin shape is oriented towards the neck.

This is a deadly spider, and the venom can lead to cutaneous injury and necrosis. This spider is found throughout the United States. However, they are more commonly found along the southern areas.

By being familiar with their appearance, you will know if the creatures are harmless or if they are deadly. Knowing something about spider sizes and characteristics can help you deal with these creatures more effectively.

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