Flatbed Semi-Trailer Dimensions

The following are some common specifications for flatbed semi trailers. The technical data given below are for information purposes only. If you need to procure a trailer, you must contact a licensed dealer.

Dimensions of Flatbed Semi Trailers: Rizhao Dongrui Trailer

The trailer has a total mass of 35,200 kg. The loading weight of the fifth wheel is 11,250 kg. The minimum turning circle is 13.0 m. It is 12450 mm long, 2498 mm wide and 1540 mm high. The wheelbase measures 7190 + 1310 + 1310 mm.

The rear suspension is 1950 mm. The flatbed semi trailer is made of crossbeam steel. The capacity of the three axles is approximately 32 tons. The tires are 11.00-20 (Yellow Sea) and it has Nanhaitiangong) springs. Other features include the JOST Eagle landing gear with electrical systems. The kerb mass is 7200.

Dimensions of Flatbed Semi Trailers: Spread Air Drop Flatbed

The semi trailer measures 48’ x 102” and weighs 12,500 lbs. It has a 48” high removable steel flat bulkhead. There are four 1/4 inch F-5 stake pockets measuring 4 ¼” x 4 3/16”.

The drop deck distance is 20”. The side structure is 6” steel channel (7 lbs per foot). There are steel rub rails measuring 3/8” x 2 ½” on each side. The trailer has 11 sliding winches and 3 roadside channel tracks.

Each winch has a nylon strap measuring 4” x 34’. The wheels measure 22.5” x 8.25”. There is an anti–lock brake system with Meritor Q series 16 ½ x 7” S-cam brakes.

Dimensions of Flatbed Semi Trailers: Composite Platform

The composite platform trailer measures 48’ x 102” and weighs 10,600 lbs. The flat bulkhead is 48” high. The side structure consists of 5/16” aluminum side stake pockets on the 24 centers. The depth is 1 5/8” x 3 ½” x 4”.

The king pin is situated 36” from the front. The main beam is fabricated steel (grade 130KSI). The flanges are 3/8” x 5” with high tensile 25” web that comes with a 2 ½” arch. The floor is 1 1/8” aluminum with four apitong wood nailing strips. It is rated at 53,000 lbs within a 10’ area.

Dimensions of Flatbed Semi Trailers: Double Drop Extendable

The double drop weighs 16,000 lbs and measures 48’ x 102”. The capacity is 30 tons. The clear deck length is 29" and the deck height is 20". The king pin position is 30”. It is a mechanical removable gooseneck with air ride suspension.

The frame rating is 40 tons in 16 ft. The design is mechanical gooseneck with 5th wheel guide rollers. The platform is full width gooseneck with 1 1/8” apitong surface. The swing radius is 81 in (or 9’ 10” gooseneck length). The deck design is flat. There are two axles, with axle spread at 54 ½”.

The dimensions of flatbed semi trailers are all tailored to meet specific needs. To get one that works for you, it is vital you understand your requirements so the proper trailer can be purchased.

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