Largest Chicken

Chicken is one of the more important meats that can be translated in a million and one delectable recipes. It is quite very flexible. That’s why it has become a favorite of many.

Chicken sizes vary, according to age and according to breed. But mostly, the ones you can purchase in the market are just a little over a kilogram or almost three pounds. The largest chicken on world record is a 23-pound, 3 ounces bird of the White Sully breed. That’s according to the Guinness Book. The ‘big bird’, however, succumbed to a natural death in 1992.

How to Cook Chicken

Nothing is even more exciting than to talk about ways and means of cooking chicken. Chicken facts can be mesmerizing but imagining the bird on the plate ready for your dinner is definitely delectable. So we will stop talks about chicken trivia and get ahead with chicken recipes.

There are endless choices of chicken recipes. It’s all up to you to opt whether to fry, bake, stew, grill, or roast your bird. What matters is that you get a moist, tender, and cooked chicken in the end.

Chicken breast is a prime cut of meat. It is easy to cook, requires very little time, and as a concern for almost every health-conscious individual out there, it is low in fat.

Cooking chicken breast is especially tricky. If you are not careful enough, you may end up with a stringy, tough, flavorless meat. To be able to master cooking chicken breast and get the same delicious, flavorful result every time, here are a few guidelines:

* First, you must decide whether to cook your chicken in dry heat or moist heat. Cooking in dry heat is similar as roasting, baking, grilling, and deep-frying. Cooking in moist heat is equivalent to poaching, microwaving, and slow cooking.

* The rule is, when you cook chicken breast in dry heat, you must use a high temperature and a short cooking time. When cooking in moist heat, slow cooking is key. Use a low temperature for a longer period of time.

* When you say a longer cooking time and you are talking about chicken breasts, you should be talking about 8-10 minutes cooking time. A longer period than that will make your chicken breast dry and tough.

* If you want to ensure a perfectly juicy chicken breast, you may brine it for one hour before cooking it. Brining is a method of submerging your chicken breast onto a salt and water solution. Leave it in the refrigerator for an hour. Then you are ready to cook it any way you want.

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