Generator Set Dimensions

Before you purchase a generator set, determining its specifications is essential. Besides the physical size, other aspects to be analyzed among them the fuel capacity and the rated voltage.

Generator Set Dimensions: Dragon Power Cummins Generator

The generator measures (W) 840 x (L) 2,240 x (H) 1,490mm and weighs 1,300 kg. The speed is 1500/1800rpm and the power is 40kW. The fuel tank capacity is 300L and it has several available voltages: 220/127, 400/230 and 200/115V. Other voltages are 480/277, 440/254, 220/127, 440/139, 240/120V, and 208/120.

The Cummins generator is equipped with its own diagnostic tools. It is insulation class H with SAE flywheel Stamford single bearing alternator (IP 23). The frequency is at 50Hz/60Hz. The rated current of the Dragon Power Cummins generator is 74A. The rated voltage is 380/220,220/127.

Generator Set Dimensions: Chuangcheng Diesel Generator

The CNDE6500T has a displacement of 418 mil with a fuel capacity of 15 L. The rated frequency is 50/60 and the rated voltage is 230. The rated current is 21.7 and the rated output power is 5. The Chuangcheng Diesel generator has a rotation speed of 3000 and a power factor of 1.0.

The rated power is 5.9 kW, 8.02 Hp, 3000 rpm. The engine is a 4 stroke single cylinder (air-cooled, direct inject). The noise level is 70-74. The lube is SAE 10W30 and the DC output is 12V8.3A. This is over the CC grade.

Generator Set Dimensions Honny Power 1000 Series

The P45 model measures 2150 mm x 750 mm x 1340 mm (L x W x H). The weight is 800 kg. The prime power is 40 KVA, 32 KW. The standby power is 45 KVA, 36 KW. There is a built in damper designed to limit the vibrations that occur. The generator also comes with key start, auto start and has a shutdown feature installed.

Among its alternator features are a rotation magnet and four poles. The insulation class is H. The unit has been designed so that there is easier access to the coupling bolts and the diodes. There is also an extensive range of flange adaptors and one single bearing disc.

Generator Set Dimensions: Sinfon Silent Diesel Generator

The packing size of the Sinfon Silent generator is 1920 x 750 x 1400 mm. The net gross weight is 750 kg and the noise level is 70 db (7 m). The fuel consumption is 6.3 L and it has an H insulation class. It uses 3 phase, 4 wires with Y type connectors.

The bore x stroke measurements is 120 x 120 mm. The displacement is 3.8 L and the engine is 4B-3.9G. The standby power is 22/27.5 (Kw/Kva). The primary power is 20/25 (Kw /Kva). The rated voltage is 230/400.


Follow all the instructions for setting up and using the generator. Before you buy one, look for those with overload indicators and other safety features.

The generator set dimensions have gotten smaller through the years, making them more portable. Most generators can now be used for camping and powering numerous appliances.

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