Smallest Gecko

The smallest gecko in the world has been measured as 1.6 centimeters (0.64 inch) long. It isn’t just the tiniest gecko ever recorded; it is probably the smallest reptile ever.

General Characteristics

The gecko is a lizard. It belongs to the Gekkonidae family. There are many types of geckos; estimates put the species at over 300. These lizards can be found in all tropical and subtropical areas on the planet.

Although small, the creatures are diverse. Extinct species are often displayed in museums. Some species are on display in zoos. Some people even keep certain geckos as pets. The Tiger gecko is often used as a pet.


Gecko is derived from the Indonesian word gekok. It was given this name because it is similar to the sound the lizard produces. The gecko is different from other lizards because they can interact via vocalization. The smallest gecko communicates via chirping. The chirp varies and the range is quite extensive.

The sound they make is quite loud. It fact, it is loud enough to be a nuisance. To someone hearing them for the first time, the sound can be surprisingly noisy.


The gecko’s feet are also unique. Some geckos have four feet, while others have five feet. Either one comes with fine bristles. At the end are structures resembling a suction cup. It is the bristles that permit the lizard to climb walls and smooth surfaces.

It can also go up tree trunks. This feature also serves them well when hunting. In homes, you will find the gecko close to the ceiling lights. They stand there waiting for insects to come near. The lizard is carnivorous.

Physical Traits

The gecko has a squat, stocky body. Most of the species have the ability to regenerate the tail. The lizard usually lays eggs. Like the chameleon, the gecko can change colors. Its color is usually bright. But this can be changed to suit the environment.

The biggest and most aggressive is the Tokay gecko. The Banded geckos possess claws rather than feet. They are found in South America. The Flying geckos have skin flaps they can use to glide. The Gold Dust day gecko is active during the day. It is one of the few gecko species to thrive at daytime.

With so many variants, it is possible that the smallest gecko has yet to be found. Until a smaller one is discovered, the 0.64 inch will be considered as the smallest specimen ever found.

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