Beer Keg Sizes Canada

A keg has been previously used to transport different things – from gunpowder to nails. But in recent years, a keg has always been associated to beer. It is used to store and transport beer. It may be made with wood or aluminum or steel although if it is a beer keg we are talking about, you will hardly find them in another material other than steel. The construction of a keg is able to maintain the goodness of beer and other carbonated drinks by keeping them under pressure.

A beer keg is often employed in breweries. But those who are too fond of beer may also have one at home. Some even rent one for parties so they will just have to return a keg rather than tons of bottles or cans.

Beer Keg Sizes

There is no standard size for the beer keg. It is different in every country. That’s why you cannot use a keg as a unit of measurement for beers or any other liquids.

In history, there was a record that a keg or a beer barrel, as it was called at that time, can carry up to 50 gallons of beer at a time. Over the years, however, the barrel sizes changed. Some even used smaller containers, so it carries smaller amounts of beer at a time.

Beer keg sizes in Canada are different from that in the United States. For one, it has a smaller keg size that is very suitable for parties and it is called the bubba. A bubba is basically a 5-liter mini keg that is ideal for party use.

US keg sizes are widely varied. There are half-barrel, full kegs, which may contain between 14 to 16 gallons of beer. The quarter barrel, meanwhile, may contain 7 to 8 gallons. Those are just two keg sizes. There are lots more that may have different capacities. Kegs also differ in dimensions. One keg from another country may have a different dimension and capacity from another of a different country.

It is always important that when getting a keg from any brewery or beer brand for that matter, you must be clear about the capacity and the dimensions. Those two factors will define what kind of keg you actually need for whatever occasion and size of your guests.

It is important that you choose the right size so everyone is served. Beer is a good social drink. It is great for parties and family get-togethers.

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