Squeegee Dimensions


There are many different squeegee dimensions. Some of those used for showers are 6 inches across. There are also 10 inch squeegees available. Those used for floors can be as long as 36 inches. There are also 12 inch and 24 inch models on sale. 

Squeegee Information 

Also known as a squilgee, it is usually composed of a stiff rubber blade set on a plastic or wood handle. It is used primarily to pull water along an even surface. The squeegee is used to dry or clean a surface. The early versions were developed to remove water off boat decks. 

They were also used to clear scales and blood left when fishing. Today, the squeegee is used for cleaning glass or acrylic surfaces. It is also used to clean windshields and windows. They are also used to clean tub enclosures and showers. 

Other Applications 

The different squeegee dimensions mean it can be used to apply paint on silk screens. It can also be used to smooth out photographic paper during the development procedure. Today there are many types to cater to various tasks. 

These range from the basic type used in homes to professional units. Many homeowners keep a simple squeegee in their bathrooms for cleaning purposes. 


The squeegee can be used to clean glass enclosures. These get dirty very quickly owing to the salt deposits and dried minerals present in hard water. To clean the wet and dirty tile, just pull the squeegee on the surface. This will clean and dry the surface. 

The same technique works for an acrylic surface. By using the squeegee after every shower, the cleaning task will be easier. For the chrome fixtures you can use a microfiber cloth. 

Squeegees for Vehicles 

The tool can also be used in SUVs, trucks and cars. There are some units that have a sprayer included. This can be used to clean the windshield. Some rubber squeegee blades have a scrubbing pad so animal debris can be removed. 

This tool will make it easier to keep the vehicle clean. The tool can also be used to wipe camper windows. It is best to use the squeegee on the windows after it is washed.

There are many more squeegee dimensions available today. If you are going to use one, pick the size that is appropriate for the task. If you are going to clean windows, it is best to use a ladder so you can reach the high parts. 

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