How Tall is The Statue of Liberty?

Statue of LibertyBackground Information

The Statue of Liberty has been standing very proudly on Liberty Island in New York Harbor for more than a century now. The official title of the statue is ‘Liberty Enlightening the World’ and it was dedicated last October 28, 1886. This magnificent monument serves as a commemoration of the centennial signing of the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America. The people of France give the statue to the people of the United States as a gift in remembrance of the friendship that has been established between the two nations during the American Revolution.

The Statue of Liberty is a portrayal of a woman who is wearing a stola, a brilliant crown, and sandals. It is trampling over a broken chain under her feet and carries a torch that is raised by her right hand. On her left arm is a tabula ansata tablet where the inscription ‘JULY IV MDCCLXXVI’ can be read depicting the date of the Declaration of Independence of the United States. For over a century now, the statue itself has become an icon of freedom and democracy not only in the United States but the world also.

How Tall is the Statue of Liberty?

Starting from the base up to the tip of the torch, the height of the Statue of Liberty is 151 feet. If you include the pedestal as well as the foundation of the statue in the measurement, the entire height of the statue is 305 feet. The statue is sitting majestically on the top of a foundation that is 65 feet in height. The foundation has been in the shape of a star that has eleven points. The stone pedestal of the statue has a height of 89 feet.

Other Dimensions of the Statue

The feet of the Statue of Liberty are 25 feet in length, the waist is 35 feet in length, and the face is above eight feet in height. The right arm of the statue that holds the lightened torch has a height of 42 feet. The nose of the statue has a measurement of four feet and six inches.

Inside the Statue of Liberty are 354 steps starting from the pedestal going up to the crown. It is open to the public visitors and the crown has a 25 window-view of the entire New York Harbor. The statue also has a museum gallery and an observation deck. The crown of the Statue of Liberty has seven points that represent the seven continents and seven seas of the Earth. Each piece of ray of the crown of the statue has a weight of approximately 150 pounds and has a length of about nine feet.

The overall weight of the Statue of Liberty is about 450,000 pounds or 225 tons. The weight of the copper used in the statue is about 100 tons that has a thickness of 3/32 inch. The copper was hammered manually and made into plates which are then fastened to the interior iron frame of the statue.

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