Worlds Least Populated Cities

The question of what the world’s least populated cities are is a matter of debate. The question arises when the distinction between cities and towns get blurred. When the population in an area falls to a certain level, it becomes difficult to determine if it can be considered a city or a town. One also has to take into account small islands.

Vatican City

One of the leading candidates would be the Vatican City. Its population is just over 800. However, the Vatican is considered more as an independent city-state. But when it comes to places that are fully recognized as cities / states, this is the most likely candidate.

The Nauru and Tuvalu Islands

The Tuvalu island is a Polynesian island nation. Its population is just under 10,000. Nauru is another small island with a population of 9,200. However, these are island nations, so they cannot be properly considered as some of the world’s least populated cities.

Smallest Towns and Counties in America

If towns are taken into consideration, then there are many candidates. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of towns in the US with less than a population of 1,000. The smallest county in the US is Loving County Texas. The population is less than 100.

Hamilton County, NY currently has only four people living per square mile. In Los Angeles County there is a town called Vernon. The population is less than 200. Rosman, NC is a small town with just 500 residents.

There are many other small towns in existence. Teterboro, NJ currently has only 18 people living there. There is a town in northern Maine named T19 R22. There are only three legal residents there.

Tenny in Minnesota has a population of six. The town is made up of some old buildings and a grain elevator by the highway. There is a single road that runs through the town.

The Smallest Town in the World?

If unincorporated communities are inlcuded, the smallest would be Buford, Wyoming. There is only resident in town. The town is made up of one man, his gas station and house. You can reach the place via I-80. Go to exit 335 and you will see the place.

Of course the world’s least populated cities does not take into account ghost towns. There are many of these in the US and throughout the world. Many of them appeared during the Gold Rush. Since then, they have been totally abandoned with no inhabitants.

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