What is the size of Oklahoma?

The size of Oklahoma is 69,898 sq mi (181,186 sq km). OklahomaThe length is 298 miles (480 km) and it is 230 miles (370 km) wide. The capital is Oklahoma City.

Geographical Information

The water area is 1.8% and the latitude is 33 degrees, 37’ N to 37 N. the longitude is 94 degrees, 26’ W to 103 W. Black Mesa is the highest point at 4,973 ft (1,515 m). Little River is the lowest point at 289 ft (88 m).

The state is in the midst of the Great Plains and Ozark Plateau. There are ten ecological regions in the state, including four mountain ranges. Forests cover almost 25% of the landscape.


The 2008 census puts the population at 3,642,361. The density is 52.7 sq mi or 20.34 km2.

The size of Oklahoma’s population back in 1890 was 258,657. It grew by more than 200% in 1900, reaching 790,391. The population registered another big jump ten years later; the 1910 census reported there were 1,657,155 individuals living in the state.

By 1930 the figure had grown to 2,396,040. However the figure didn’t break the 3 million mark until the 1980s when records showed 3,025,290 were living in the state. The 1990 figure showed there were 3,145,585 people living there.

German ancestry comprised 14.5%, followed by American at 13%. Irish ancestry was next at 11.8% and the English at 9%. 11.5% were Native American and 8% had African American ancestry. Oklahoma has the second greatest number of Native Americans with almost 400,000.

Size of Oklahoma Cities by Population

Oklahoma City is at number one with 506,132. It is followed by Tulsa with a population of 393,049. Norman is the third biggest (population 95,694) while Lawton is at number four (population 92,757).

Broken Arrow has a population of 74,859, putting it at number five. Edmond is sixth with 68,315. Midwest City is at number seven with 54,088 residents. Enid is at number eight with 47,045. Moore has a population of 41,138, while Stillwater has an estimated population of 39,065.

Muskogee is the 11th most heavily populated with 38,310 followed by Bartlesville (population 34,748). Shawnee is at 13th place with a population of 28,692. Ponca City is the 14th biggest with 25,919 residents. Ardmore is at number fifteen with 23,711.

Protected Areas

The size of Oklahoma’s Tallgrass Prairie Preserve (39,000 acres or 158 sq km) is the biggest on the planet. There are half a dozen national parks in the state. There are also 50 state parks and two protected grasslands.

Oklahoma has 10 million acres (or 40,000 km2) of forests. Six percent of it is public land. The Black Kettle National Grassland encompasses an area of 31,000 acres (127 km2).

The Wichita Mountains Wildlife covers 69,000 acres (238 km2). The Chickasaw National Recreation Area is the biggest in the state. It covers an area of 4,500 acres (18 km2).

It isn’t just the size of Oklahoma’s natural attractions that are impressive. It also has a high per capital income and its GDP (gross domestic product) is among the fastest growing in the Untied States.

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