Sled Dimensions

Sleds have a variety of uses, from agriculture to hauling stuff. As these Koenders sleds show, their functions have a direct effect on the features.

Dimensions of a Sled: Snow Tracker II

The Snow Tracker II measures 33" wide x 32" high x 72" long (without the musher section). The bottom sled size is 33" wide x 22" high x 72" long. The lid sled (which can be removed) measures 32" wide x 11" high x 58" long. With the mush bar option the sled is 31" wide x 22" long x 20" high (bar height is 42").

The musher can be attached to allow for more cargo. The cargo capacity is 26 cu ft. The swivel hitch is heavy duty and is spring loaded. The unit is comprised of tough medium density polyethylene and the lid can be inverted. There are five mold in runners set on the bottom.

Dimensions of a Sled: Trapper and Hunter Sleds

The Trapper sled measures 24" high x 24" wide x 76" long (this is with the lid). The lid dimensions are 4.75" high x 58.75" long x 21.5" wide. The sled is intended for use in hunting or outfitting. The lid can be taken off and used as another sled, allowing for transportation of more gear. There are 4 runners at the bottom and comes with a spring loaded hitch.

The Hunter 8’ model measures 96” long x 12” deep x 24” ID – 30” OD wide. The 6’ model is 81” long x 9” deep x 19” ID – 25” OD wide. The incline is 23”, making snow travel easier. The sleds have spring loaded hitches and molded in sleigh runners.

Dimensions of a Sled: Universal and Explorer Sleds

The sled is 37” wide x 10” deep x 83” long and 31" wide on bottom on the inside. The sled is designed for utilization in the farm. A spring loaded hitch is included to facilitate pulling. There are four molded in runners and the sides are ribbed.

The Explorer sled measures 14" high x 26" wide OD (22" ID) x 64.5" long. There is a 1” lip at the top for fastening the load. The back and front are sloped and it has 3 mold runners. The Explorer sled is rotationally molded and intended for use in different weather conditions.

Dimensions of a Sled: Calf and Dura Sled

This sled measures 24” wide x 11” deep x 48” long and is intended for use with cattle. The unit can be fitted with a mesh kit, useful for keeping the calf in place. The Dura sled measures 22” wide x 5” deep x 43” long. It is an all-purpose sled and can be ridden during the winter. The bottom is ribbed (for additional strength). Sled runners are 2” wide x 5/8” deep.

Sleds for strictly recreational purposes also come in a variety of designs. However, the dimensions of a sled and durability have to be the priority especially if it will be used by young people.

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