Canoe Paddle Length

To experience the perfect adventure in your canoe, Canoe Paddleyou got to have the right canoe paddle. Using paddle of proper length, you will canoe more effectively and will not get tired easily. Thus making your adventures on the water become more enjoyable and memorable.

The Proper Length of Canoe Paddles

You must need to know that the standing height of a person is not the proper way to determine the size of a paddle. The best method to determine the proper length of a canoe paddle is to sit because you are actually sitting while boating on the water. Canoeists of whitewater and flatwater want a paddle length that range from 50 inches to 60 inches. But in reality, lengths do differ according to the size of the paddler. Those bent-shaft paddles have shorter overall lengths of 48 inches to 54 inches. Here are some methods to know the proper length of a canoe paddle that is perfect for your use.

Measuring at Home

Sit down in a position as if you are sitting in your canoe by kneeling down with your seat situated six inches above the floor. Measure the length from your nose down to the floor. Add this length to your desired blade length and the sum will be the proper length of the canoe paddle that’s perfect for you.

Measuring While in the Store

Be in a sitting position as if you are sitting in your canoe by kneeling down with your seat about six inches above the floor. You need to hold the canoe paddle in an upside down position placing the grip on the floor. You will know that the paddle has the proper length if the blade starts exactly where your nose is pointing.

Measuring While on the Water

Sit properly in your canoe and measure the length vertically starting from your nose down to the water. Add to this length the blade length to acquire the proper length for your canoe paddle.

More Tips

If you are buying a bent-shaft paddle, just follow any of the methods mentioned above. However, you need to deduct two inches to four inches from the total length.

The width of the canoe also affects the proper length of the paddle. If you have a wide canoe, you need to have a longer paddle so that you will be able to reach the water without having to strain or stretch yourself uncomfortably. If you have a short paddle, then paddling would require an extra effort from you to allow the entire blade to be in the water thus making it hard to propel the boat.

If a child is going to use the canoe paddle, then buy those paddles that are especially designed for children. They have shorter lengths with narrower T-grips and shafts making the paddle to be controlled easily by their little hands.

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