How Big is Disney World In Florida?

Disney World in Florida is more formally known as Walt Disney World Resort. Walt Disney wanted to put up a fantasy land of sorts where people can actually stay for a few nights and enjoy various recreational activities.

Whereas Disneyland is good for a day’s tour, Walt Disney World Resort provides more activities and entertainment that are best enjoyed spread over a couple of days.

How Big is Disney World In Florida?

Walt Disney World Resort is by far the biggest “recreational resort” all over the world and is also the most widely visited resort of its kind.

Just how big is Disney World in Florida? It covers an estimated area of about thirty thousand and eighty acres or approximately 47.00 square miles.

Now, if you wish to know “How big is Disney World in Florida?” in square kilometers, it is approximately 212.70 square kilometers.

Still can’t get a clear picture of the answer to “How big is Disney World in Florida?” Imagine a place where you can find about 30 resort hotels, 2 health spas, fitness centers plus a good number of other recreational facilities.

That’s not all. Walt Disney World Resort of course has theme parks and there are four in all plus 2 water parks. All of these: the theme parks, the water park, resort hotels and other facilities; are housed within one huge complex!

That should answer your question of “How big is Disney World in Florida?”

Early Beginnings of Walt Disney World Resort Florida

It was in the year 1959 when Walt Disney decided to build a second theme park. He wanted a place where people of all ages can have the time of their lives not just for a day but for several days and nights in a row.

He also wanted a much bigger space. He looked around the country for the perfect spot and when he visited Florida, he noticed that the excellent infrastructure which meant that people can easily reach his planned new resort-cum-theme park.

Sadly, Walt Disney did not live to see his vision of a second theme park because he passed away from lung cancer on the 15th of December in the year 1966. His brother, Roy O. Disney took over the project.

On the 1st of October in the year 1971, Walt Disney World Resort was officially opened to the public. It had only one theme park at the time, the Magic Kingdom. Three other theme parks were subsequently opened in the years following its grand opening.

Epcot was opened to the public on the 1st of October, 1982; Disney’s Hollywood Studios opened on the 1st of May in 1989; and finally, Disney’s Animal Kingdom opened its doors to the public on the 22nd of April in 1998.

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