Karate Belt Sizes

Because karate belt specs differ among manufacturers, Karate Beltgiving standard sizes is not possible. Even if both belt makers have a size 1, the actual measurements may differ by a few inches or centimeters.

Some Common Karate Belt Sizes

In the United States, karate belts are usually sold in the following sizes; 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. The length for size 1 is usually 78" and for 2 it is 86". Size 3 is around 94" and size 4 102".

Size 5 is 110" while size 6 is 118"; size 7 is 126" and size 8 is 134". The highest is size 9 which is 142". The width among karate belts vary. Some are 1.5 inches while others are 1.75 to 1.5 inches.

However, some are quite bigger. Some belt makers only use a 0 to 7 scale. The results are the following karate belt sizes; size 0 is equal to 77", while size 1 is equivalent to 83". Size 2 is 88" long, while size 3 is 96". Size 4 can be 105" long and size 5 112"; size 6 is 120" and size 7 128".

You might also see some karate belts with the following measurements: size 2 (93"); size 3 (99"); size 4 (104"); size 5 (109"); size 6 (116”) and size 7, 122". There is another variation that only uses sizes 3 to 7. In this case, size 3 is equal to 96", size 4 105"; size 5 112"; size 6 120" and size 7 132”.

Yet another karate belt size / scale used is the following: size 0 is equal to 78"; size 1 is equal to 82" and size 2 measures 88"; size 3 is 94" long and size 4 is 104". Size 4 is 110"; size 5 is 114" and size 7 123".

Karate Belt Rankings

Almost as numerous as the belt sizes are the rankings used. Karate belt ranks (called kyu) are determined by color. However, this can vary widely depending on the teaching school. One of the most common is the 7 to 1 ranking system (7 being the lowest). Kyu 7: white; kyu 6: yellow followed by kyu 5 orange.

Next are kyu 4 (green), kyu 3 (blue) kyu 2 (brown) and kyu 1 (brown advanced). The karate belt sizes used here may be any of the ones cited earlier.

The Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate Belt Order

The student begins with the white belt and proceeds to a white belt with a yellow stripe. This is followed by yellow, orange, green, blue and purple. Next is a purple karate belt with a white stripe; next are the brown belt, brown belt with white stripe and then a brown belt with two white stripes.

This is followed by 8 black levels, the highest being black belt 7th Dan. Other schools use other rankings.

The karate belt sizes provided here are by no means the only ones used. Depending on the karate school, custom measurements may be employed instead.

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