School Chair Dimensions

Chairs used by students in schools should be comfortably designed. School ChairThe proper measurements for school chairs should be of the right size for this purpose. Here are some school chair dimensions to consider when designing them.

The Seat

The seat should comfortably fit the buttocks of the average person using it. It should not be too small as to prevent the user from slouching a bit when desired. Neither should it be too big as to cause pressure on the back of the legs and constrict free blood circulation. These are things to consider when deciding school chair dimensions. The usual size is a length of 0.40 by a width of 0.50 meters. For kids, a seat area of 0.40 by 0.40 meters should do.

Seat Height

The seat height should be no higher than 0.60 meters from the ground. Usually, school chair dimensions allow for an initial rise of 0.05 meters. Form that level a shelf of steel grills is provided for placing books or a small bag. From that point to the top of the seat is often 0.55 meters high.

The Arm Rest

Most chairs for students provide an arm rest for right-handed users. There should also be provisions for left-handed users. The arm rest connecting the back rest to the desk should be about 0.50 meters in length. This allows a 0.40 space for the body to fit in between the back rest and the desk edge, and an extra 0.10 meters for free body movement. This part of school chair dimensions is critical because it decides whether an average person’s body can comfortably fit the chair. The arm rest width can be safely placed at 0.10 meters.

Arm Rest Height

The arm rest height from the top of the seat is usually 0.30 to 0.35 meters. Measurements for school chairs should allow for a comfortable elbow position for an average user when seated erect, or when writing on the desk. Anything higher may cause the elbows to be positioned too high and put stress on the armpit.

The Back Rest

Measurements for school chairs should also carefully consider the size for back rests. The width should be the same as the seat’s width. The length should support the user’s lower back up to a point just below the shoulders. School chair dimensions for this often result to an area of 0.40 by 0.55 or 0.60 meters. A size higher than this would make the chair too heavy. It would also prevent the user from relaxing the neck and head.

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