How Small are Whiskey Stones?

Not a lot of people are aware of the existence of whiskey stones let alone know what they are. So before trying to find out the answer to “How small are whiskey stones?” it would be a good idea to find out a little bit about these stones.

What are Whiskey Stones Anyway?

Whiskey stones, as the name suggests, are stones that you place inside a glass containing whiskey. These are no ordinary stones, of course, because otherwise; one would begin to wonder what the stones are good for, once they are inside your whiskey glass.

They are made from soapstone and are cut into shape to imitate the look of ice cubes.

So What are They Good For and How Are They Used?

Whiskey stones are good for keeping your whiskey chilled. You know whiskey on the rocks? Well, now you can have actual rocks – or in this case, stones – to go with your whiskey instead of the usual ice.

The stones are cube-shaped and you place them inside the freezer to chill. When you are ready to drink your whiskey, simply take out several of these chilled cubed stones and place them inside your whiskey glass.

They will keep your whiskey chilled far longer than ice cubes can plus they do not melt even when the temperature is hot.

The best part is that because they do not melt, they do not dilute your whiskey unlike with ice cubes that have already melted in your glass; they considerably affect the consistency and the taste of your whiskey.

How Small are Whiskey Stones?

Now, the answer to your question, “How small are whiskey stones?” is that these are generally between three-fourths to seven-eighths inches and they are usually sold in sets of nine and come in their own drawstring bag.

Simply put, the answer to “How small are whiskey stones?” is best compared to the size of your usual ice cubes.

Where to Find Whiskey Stones

Your best option is to check the internet. There are several online shops that sell whiskey stones and some of these online stores offer them at discounted prices. These can also be delivered to you so you won’t have to arrange for pick-ups.

Before buying online however, make sure that the shop is a legitimate shop and that they only sell authentic whiskey stones made from one hundred percent pure soapstone.

This way, you can get the most benefit from your whiskey stones and enjoy your chilled whiskey even in warm weather.

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