Golf Driving Range Dimensions

At the very least the size of a golf driving range will be 300 yards long. But the dimensionsGolf Driving Range will be heavily influenced by the number of bays included. For this reason the dimensions could reach 300 to 700 yards. But there are no standard sizes.

Determining Factors

First of all the driving range must allow the players to hit the ball in a variety of ways. This doesn’t just refer to the left or right; it also means allow them to adjust their swing and still be able to keep the ball in play.

Another factor that will affect the dimensions are the players. Who are going to play here? The size of a golf driving range will be different for kids, men and women.

The equipment used will also be considered. Golf balls for instance; some golf balls are designed to traverse only short distances. This will be ideal for a smaller driving range.

On the other hand, large driving ranges will require larger and longer traveling balls. The type of balls and clubs used are taken into account before any driving range is built.

The Greens and Other Elements

Most of the time real grass is used for the green. Some driving ranges however, use carpets, synthetic grass or other materials as substitute. The size of a golf driving range is also determined by the barriers.

The barriers are used to keep distraction and outside noise to a minimum. These are usually designed to take in the sounds. The size of the barriers varies between the driving ranges as well.

The flags and markers are also part of the driving range. The tee spots are marked according to specific directions. While the parking lot is not included when planning the dimensions, its placing is given serious thought.

For convenience’s sake, it is usually placed near the practice tees or sand trap sections. Just as important as the size of a golf driving range is the technology being used. These include everything from keeping score to securing the area.

Tips and Warnings

It’s a good idea to stay in your tee box area. This is especially true if you are approaching the ball. There are usually dividing boxes, so stay there. Feel free to move around but try to keep yourself in the boundaries.

It’s also a good idea not to go beyond 10 ft of the tee box. The other players might not realize what you’re doing; refer to the driving range rules on how to properly track a ball.

If there are no dividers, then look carefully at where you hit. Make sure that there is no one in the vicinity where you’re hitting. It’s also a good idea to separate left and right handed golfers. Placing them close to each other could result in an accident.

In the end, the size of a golf driving range isn’t as important as how you play there. Trying to improve your game is important, but don’t forget to have fun.

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